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Midori blog launched!

We planned to do this for soooooo long, and the time has finally come: the Midori blog is officially launched today!

What will you read about in the Midori blog?

  1. Most importantly, we will publish posts with valuable information, tips, recipes related to our own apps. These can include complete solutions to frequent end-user problems or one-line code snippets that make your life easier.
  2. We are avid users of the Atlassian products for 15 years. Over the years we built up quite some experience with Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. We will share practical hints related to those, when we think it could be useful for the community.
  3. Our product release announcements will be first published here. Follow the blog to get updates on the new features, changes and bugfixes.
  4. Time to time we will publish interviews with our power users. We are convinced that learning from those who are using and operating the Midori apps in massive deployments will create value for everyone. (By the way, if you wanted to tell your story, please drop us a mail. We are all ears!)
  5. We are obsessed with efficiency. We continuously experiment with tools, techniques to make Midori better and faster. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. We will suggest changes that worked for us, and let you decide if it is worth an experiment for you.
  6. We build software with the toolset that may be familiar to many of you, including Git, Amazon AWS or React, for instance. We will occasionally write posts on development topics, although only if that is directly applicable to the Atlassian context. (In other words, it will not be a development focused blog.)

What is excluded?

  1. Crypto, autonomous cars, or the latest super-hot technology topics - unless those potentially overlap with the Atlassian offerings.
  2. Long epic writings that deliver zero information. We value your time (and ours, too), therefore we will keep our blog posts short, concise and laser-focused unless the topic requires some longer discussion.

OK, what is in this for me?

If any of these matches you:

  • you already use one or more of the Midori apps
  • you are interested in using one or more of the Midori apps
  • you use Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket
  • you work in a team
  • you want deliver more outcome with less efforts

...then the Midori blog is for you.

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You can stay current with these in two ways.

First, you can come to the blog and check for new posts periodically.

Or, you can let the new posts come to your mailbox automatically. (Did I mention about our efficiency mindset?) For this, just click the link below and enter your email address to the form. Then we will notify you when something interesting is out.

Happy reading!

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