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Webinar: The no-sweat method for generating PDF documents from Jira

Jira is your go-to-tool to get things done every day. You rely on it a lot, but it does not exist in a vacuum. Work is being done in many different tools throughout the organization, which can bring along compatibility or accessibility issues.

Some of your colleagues simply don't have Jira accounts. Others need information presented in a special format. And, there is the boss, who only wants her reports delivered without logging into systems.

You are also interacting with customers, business partners and sub-contractors, who can't exactly reach your Jira instance, but are expecting customized documents from you, like a purchase order or an invoice.

To make Jira data presentable and distributable to anyone, you need a file format that makes information sharing easily possible, on your terms.

If you find that this general-purpose, commonly accessible, defacto-standard file format is PDF (Portable Document Format), you are not alone.

PDF, originally developed by Adobe, is the standard format for business documents, because of its ease of use and diverse functionality. A PDF document can not only present text and graphical information (like a business report), but can also embed other files in itself, making it perfect to create self-containing documents.

In the context of Jira, PDF has even more advantages: it can serve as part of your archiving strategy, thanks to its versatile features. It can store almost any Jira data in a searchable and concise way, removing outdated information from your instance, which also improves speed and performance.

PDF is a preferable format for presenting Jira information also because one of it's characteristics that made it a global standard: integrity of contents. Since you are most probably transferring business critical information out of Jira, being confident that the contents of the document cannot be tempered with is top priority. On the opposite, you can't tell the same about a Word document, for example.

Apply the no-sweat method for generating PDF documents from Jira

It all sounds good, but how can you personally benefit from all this in your job? What are the best practices of creating reports from Jira in PDF? How is it possible to 100% automate PDF generation? What if data is needed to be merged from various Jira apps and other sources of information, and exported to a single PDF file?

Join our webinar for answers and learn more about exporting custom PDF documents from Jira!

Be better at creating PDF documents from Jira


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