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Webinar: Creating Excel reports from Jira doesn't have to be a mess

Despite the popularity of a number of cloud-based Business Intelligence services, Microsoft Excel has been and remains the de-facto spreadsheet tool for organizations from SMBs to large corporations. It's a versatile and robust piece of software that is widely used (and loved) by teams for its advanced number crunching capabilities, data visualization features and ease of use.

Unfortunately, when these teams also happen to use Jira for project tracking, the magic breaks.

Users typically export Jira data to Excel because they are planning to make further calculations on that using formulas, pivot tables or charts (just to name a few killer features in Excel). Or, they need to share Jira data with a business partner or a customer in Excel spreadsheet format. Or, they need to transfer data from Jira to another application which can import XLSX files.

To make this happen, you can't just use a dummy exporter app which writes raw issue field values to the Excel cells without having intimate knowledge about the data.

It's critical, for example, that what was a date value in Jira, is treated as date in the correct timezone also in Excel (not as text). But a version number "1.2" from the "Fix versions" field must not be recognized as number, either. So, data types are super important.

And this is not about issues only. When you need to also include issue metadata (comments, worklogs, workflow transitions, change history) in the Excel export, it gets even harder.

Or, we haven't mentioned the power of customization and integration yet.

  • What if you need to export a calculated field that is not even available in Jira, like the status of the parent issue?
  • What if you need to export product names that are stored in an external database, but the Jira field only contains the product ID?
  • How about pivot tables, pivot charts or Visual Basic macros?

To export Jira data to full-blown Excel spreadsheets, you need an Excel exporter app that was purpose-built for Jira.

Learn about Better Excel Exporter, the most powerful Excel exporter app for Jira

To put you in the right direction about Excel exporting in Jira, we invite you to our webinar "Create custom Excel reports from Jira issues in no time". On the webinar, we will discuss what is the best way of exporting Jira data (including issues, project, users) to Excel and what are the best practices. We will answer the question: is it possible to 100% automate Excel file generation? Or can additional data served by other Jira apps, external databases, external APIs be combined with Jira data in a single Excel spreadsheet?

Join our webinar for answers and learn more about creating custom Excel reports from Jira!

Start creating powerful Excel reports from Jira!


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