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Webinar: How long until Confluence fills up with stale content?

One of the many differentiating reasons why Atlassian Confluence has become widely popular among companies is its low barrier to contribution. Simply put, it's very easy to pull up a new page and start creating some content.

It's exactly how an effective content management and collaboration software should work: invites the collaborators to create content, makes it easy to organise information, and keeps the users enganged, so they come back frequently.

Tens of thousands of companies standardize on Confluence for their technical documentation, Enterprise Content Management System, corporate intranet, backend for their website, and more.

Then after a few years of undisturbed operation, the user experience starts to drop. User complaints start to flow in about unmanaged spaces, difficulty finding relevant content and generally degraded system performance.

What happened?

Introduce Content Lifecycle Management and Confluence at the same time

If you only start with Content Lifecycle Management when you have a lot of content, you are already late. The secret to avoiding the above described scenario is preparation.

Preparation starts with introducing content lifecycle rules as early as possible, so your team members can get used to them. It starts with collecting data on content usage, relevancy from the get go, so when you actually need to decide what content is needed and what not, you have data to support your decision.

But how do you start preparing?

Start preparing for a Confluence content boom with this webinar

Join our webinar "How to keep your Confluence content up-to-date with content lifecycle rules", to get the idea on what you need to pay attention to when building your own content lifecycle system for Confluence.

On the webinar, we will discuss what sort of content needs lifecycle management and what not. What conditions are there exactly in a content lifecycle rule and how you can use them. How can you notify the right people automatically that their content needs an update or a review.

Join our webinar about Better Content Archiving for Confluence for answers and learn more about Content Lifecycle Management for Confluence!

Learn how you can keep your Confluence content relevant


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