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Export Jira Cloud PDF reports for free!

For about a month now, we have been working together with our most eager users, who indicated their interest for Jira Cloud PDF export options very early. Their ideas, insights and real-life use cases helped us better prepare for the launch of Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud.

Thanks to the amazing batch of current customers, future customers and Midori Solution Partners, we concluded a month of successful closed beta testing. We especially want to thank some of the longest waiting feature request voters, who stuck around for years, waiting for the app to be released. We are also grateful for to the Midori Solution Partners who invited their Jira Cloud customers with complex needs to export Jira issues as PDF documents.

Tip: most of our collaboration happens on Slack, join the conversation by signing up to the Midori Slack channel!

Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud on the Atlassian Marketplace

Today we start the next phase of launching Better PDF Exporter Cloud: open beta! While we specifically invited a select group of already experienced users in the "closed beta" phase, "open" means the app has been approved by Atlassian and is now available for everyone on the Atlassian Marketplace!

We consider this a very stable, fully functional version of the app that we also officially support.

Export Jira Cloud issues to PDF using one of many built-in templates

To remain on the safe side, the listing is sporting a little "beta" flag, to indicate that it’s still one small step from the final version. While we don't expect our beta users to experience any major issues with the app, please make sure you report any glitches or unexpected behavior to our support team.

We are not planning to keep Better PDF Exporter Cloud in beta for too long, but while it is, you can use it for completely free. Open the app's page at the Atlassian Marketplace and start exporting Jira Cloud issues to PDF documents for free!

Wait, there is more: new PDF report types for Jira Cloud!

This new app is not simply the cloud version of Better PDF Exporter for Jira Server.

It comes with new types of Jira reports and export options, giving you more versatile ways to represent any Jira data on a PDF document. (If your team uses Jira Server or Jira Data Center, we have good news: these new export options are also coming to Server and Data Center soon!)

Create a Time in Status report with Better PDF Exporter

We will go into more details about the new Jira PDF export options in an upcoming blog post, but here are just a few things to give you some ideas:

  • Export Jira issues with its sub-tasks
  • Create Time in Status reports
  • Create Time by Assignee reports
  • Visualize issue links (connections) with customizable Traceability reports

To get the above Jira reports or similar documents, you often need to install several different apps that measure the time an assignee spends on an issue or how long an issue is in a certain status. Now Better PDF Exporter also brings these additional issue analytics inside your exported PDF documents, while continuing to provide the most flexible and professional options to export Jira data to PDF.

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