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Webinar: Export custom PDF reports and documents from Jira Cloud

If you ever thought that Jira Cloud works great, but it leaves you with no sufficient options to export some of your data, then our upcoming webinar is for you.

Jira might be a staple part of your workday, but some of your colleagues simply don't have Jira accounts. Your customers, business partners or an auditor might need information presented in a common file format, that is easy to open and read. And, there is the boss, who only wants her reports delivered without logging into systems.

There might be many other types of sub-contractors and third-parties, who can't exactly reach your Jira instance, but are expecting customized documents from you, like a sales quote, an invoice or a release note.

PDF is a preferable format for presenting Jira information also because one of it's characteristics that made it a global standard: integrity of contents. Since you are most probably transferring business critical information out of Jira, being confident that the contents of the document cannot be tempered with is top priority. On the opposite, you can't tell the same about a Word document, for example.

In the context of Jira, PDF has even more advantages: it can serve as part of your archiving strategy, thanks to its versatile features. It can store your Jira data in a searchable and concise way, removing outdated information from your instance.

In this upcoming webinar, we introduce Better PDF Exporter, the cloud hosted version of the well known and popular PDF exporter app on Jira Server and Data Center. As an introduction to the latest addition of our app family, we explain how you can use it to generate just the right business report or document, tailored to your team's needs.

Why is this webinar valuable to you?

Attend the webinar to speed up your learning about Better PDF Exporter Cloud by getting an overview of the app and its features. During the webinar, you will learn what type of reports and PDF documents can be generated and exactly how. At the end, you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions as well. We will ensure that you leave with all the information you need to get you and your team started with Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud.

Follow the link below to register and secure your spot for the Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud webinar!

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