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Ever since we access software and digital services from the cloud, we know that incidents happen, no matter how hard solution providers strive to avoid them. But unforeseen incidents or a sudden downtime don’t necessarily have to be a disaster: with proactive and transparent communication, useful and timely update messages every situation can be turned around.

Where is the Midori status page?

The recent launch of Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud, our first app for Jira Cloud, brought the need for our own solution to publicly monitor and communicate about the status our our cloud-based apps.

We chose Statuspage, the leading incident communication service by Atlassian. It’s available at https://midori-global.statuspage.io and currently only lists Better PDF Exporter. As we release new cloud apps in the future, those will be listed here as well.

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On our status page you will be able to check our historical incidents (none at moment) and follow our apps’ average uptime (100% at the moment). But to keep yourself up-to-date, especially if you are already using Better PDF Exporter or planning to use it, you should subscribe to updates!

How to subscribe?

Updates include reminders of scheduled maintenance dates, planned outages, or unforeseen incidents. These events might affect your team's daily work and productivity, so knowing ahead of time or leaning on timely notifications can save you and your team from unnecessary headache.
You can find the blue "Subscribe to updates" button in the upper right corner.

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