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4 new app releases for more robust automations

As you probably know, Midori provides solutions for Excel and PDF automation on the Atlassian Jira platform, in the form of an app family that includes 4 separate Jira apps.

The classloading headache: not an issue any longer!

Implementing automation requires multiple apps being installed to Jira, with complex dependencies between them.

Unfortunately, previous app versions have been sensitive to the installation order of those apps, due to the underlying OSGi wiring and classloading logic. When not installed in the expected order, Jira failed to correctly resolve the dependencies, therefore the apps couldn't inter-operate within Excel automation rules.

Starting from the major versions we released today, we reworked certain low-level technical details to make automations more robust. According to our testing, wiring and classloading problems should not occur anymore!

New releases

Make sure you read the upgrade guides, because upgrading requires updating multiple apps.

For automatic Excel exports:

For automatic PDF exports:

Happy automating!


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