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Share Jira data with external partners without touching permissions

Andrew is using Jira Cloud to document the projects he is working in the energy industry. He uses customized Jira issues to survey his customers about their exact requirements, and to record the details of the upcoming project.

When everything is in one place, Andrew usually sends over all the relevant information collected to the customer in PDF. The final PDF document that the customer receives has all images, attachments, comments, and more, in a widely compatible and easy-to-read format.

It hasn't always been this easy to share Jira data with external partners, but Andrew found a solution that works. Exporting to PDF is a fast, highly customizable, and professional way of sharing issues.

The customer: Landis+Gyr

Landis+Gyr designs and manufactures energy management products, smart meters, systems, and services for electricity, heat, and gas utilities. They have locations in 31 countries around the world, out of which 18 are manufacturing plants.

Andrew is a project engineer and has been with Landis+Gyr for a year in Hong Kong. Some of the information they store in their Jira Cloud instance concerns their customers, but sharing Jira data without giving access to external parties was a real challenge earlier.

The challenge: share Jira data with external partners

"I tried to share completed tickets and survey results with my client, without having to grant them access to our internal Jira. I had no idea what's the best way to do it, so I turned to the Atlassian Marketplace", remembers Andrew.

The Atlassian Marketplace helped Andrew get inspired about how to share Jira issues without touching access permissions. He searched for the top-rated Jira Cloud apps, and found Better PDF Exporter.

The solution: PDF document with attachments embedded

"I just searched on the Marketplace and you guys have good reviews. Besides, I found that sending a PDF document to the customer with photos, attachments, and custom data embedded is an excellent idea", Andrew recalls.

You can choose the PDF export type that best fits your use case

Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud debuted about a year ago, after being exceptionally successful among Server and Data Center users. As Jira Cloud is gaining a foothold among large organizations as well, the benefits of Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud is also recognized.

"Better PDF Exporter generates nice PDF documents using its built-in templates. I like that it is simple and easy to use, and it's still able to generate documents even from many, complex Jira custom fields. There is good community support on the Atlassian Community, and I also received fast support from Midori", continued Andrew.

As Andrew and his team experienced, along with hundreds of other teams, Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud is indeed simple to use. It comes with many pre-built templates, so you can generate professional PDF documents from Jira Cloud without any preparations. It's a quick and secure way to share Jira Cloud data with external partners, without giving them Jira access.

Share Jira data with external partners


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