What is the custom development service?

Midori product roadmaps are driven by user demand, beside other factors, to make sure that we solve problems that are worth solving and we deliver the biggest possible value to the majority of the user community. Users are encouraged to express their interests by voting on the feature requests in our open trackers. You also are encouraged to vote, so that our product team can see your most popular requests when planning the next release.

In addition to working on scheduled and requested updates of the software, we provide priority development services to those who need a new feature or a functional change faster than the regular schedule. We offer this to both current and future customers, and for any of our products.

During these development projects, we move the feature to the top of the next iteration backlog, and implement it immediately. Then the new app version is delivered to the customer ahead of the regular release.

If the request aligns well with the product vision and it is beneficial for the whole user community, we will introduce it to the core product and maintain it free in the future.

When to use it?

  1. When you need a feature immediately.
  2. When the development costs of your request are less important than the business loss caused by the lack of that improvement or change.
  3. When the feature you are looking for is not a high priority for other users, thus the probability of getting this implemented is relatively low.

Would a quick development project improve your business?

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Custom development project examples

Here is a project that we delivered recently, to give you an idea what we do and how.

"Global configurations" feature development

Industry: IT services (Finland)

Why? This consulting company was working for a client with a very large Confluence site. They needed a simplified way to define archiving rules for a multitude of similar spaces. Although the feature to address this was already in our roadmap, scheduled to the later release, they wanted it immediately.

What? Working with the customer, Midori defined and implemented the new feature. We delivered multiple preview releases to them to avoid unpleasant surprises at completion time.

Results: The customer got the feature very fast. We merged the feature back to the "official" app version, so maintenance is free and the whole community benefits from it.

Integrating Better Content Archiving with Bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme

Industry: Broadcasting Company (Sweden)

Why? This national broadcasting company was using the popular Confluence theme app, Bitvoodoo Enterprise. They were also using Midori's Better Content Archiving to improve their Confluence content quality, but the two components were not integrated perfectly, leading to sub-optimal user experience.

What? After defining the exact needs of the customer, Midori integrated the Better Content Archiving user interface and interactions with the Bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme.

Results: The customer received the best of two worlds: custom enterprise-ready interface plus top of the line Content Lifecycle Management for their Confluence instance. Better Content Archiving now officially supports the Bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme (among all the popular theme apps), validated via regular compatibility checks.

How does the custom development service work?

We start with gathering requirements (functional and non-functional) via quick user interviews, by using simple question lists. We aim to make sure that we understand why you requested this feature and whether it can be aligned with the product vision. We are interested in understanding your problem first, and then the solution you are suggesting.

Based on this information, we compile an estimation for you. It includes:

  • the work breakdown (as a task list)
  • time- and cost estimations (per task)
  • delivery dates

After you accepted the estimation, we start working on the project. We contact you immediately if we are unsure about some detail. We deliver you the results according to the accepted schedule.

At completion time, we make sure that the deliverables are successfully put into production. We also verify whether the project delivers the expected value.

Service rates

Our services are billed on an hourly basis. We carefully document our time, our clients receive invoices for all billable hours with detailed information on the work completed.

ServicePrice in USD
Off-site (remote) development and consulting$75 / hour

For long term project involvements, we can create a custom package with discounted rates to meet your needs — just ask us!

Minimum service charge is 4 hours.
All prices exclusive of VAT.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Payment schedule

Midori must receive an up-front payment of 20% of the total - before any project can be started. (This is essentially the customer's financial commitment to the project.)

For smaller projects, the remaining 80% is to be paid after the project was successfully completed and the deliverables were put into production. For longer projects with multiple milestones, the payment schedule is aligned to the delivery schedule (milestones).