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Better Excel Exporter success story (Telecom)
Automate a daily Jira status report email to your managers

"The biggest benefit of Better Excel Exporter for us is versatility. It can work with prepared templates but at the same time, it's designed to handle large amounts of data and use custom Groovy scripts during data generation."

– Frantisek Spacek, Atlassian Consultant

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Finance)
Building an enterprise reporting system with Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Excel

"Intercompany invoicing within an enterprise group of companies is never the simplest area of accounting. Better Excel Exporter helped our accounting department process invoices faster, with less errors and less oversight."

– Claudio Menetti, IT Consultant

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Manufacturing)
How BlueSun (a Procter & Gamble spin-off company) created custom reports from Jira Service Desk data

"Better Excel Exporter helped us to create every type of custom reports from our service data. Among others, it enables us to understand how monthly workload is distributed among our agents or to find the top 10 recurring problems."

– Juan Jose Castro, IT Infrastructure Manager

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Better Excel Exporter success story (Media)
How Carussel generates real-time Excel reports from Jira with one click

"The dashboard is a powerful feature in Jira, but we needed something that captures the state of a project in Excel at any given moment without the hassle. Information sharing vastly improved through progress reports generated by Better Excel Exporter."

– Jana Tkacsuk, Project Manager

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Banking)
How Better PDF Exporter helps a top US bank with custom audit reporting

"We are required to provide auditors with transaction reports, private equity clients with monthly SLA reports, internal users with archived issue reports. We've used Better PDF Exporter to build these custom reports from our Jira issues and to easily customize them on a per client basis."

– Matt, System Engineer

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Government)
How the EU Commission uses Better PDF Exporter to archive Jira issues

"We use the versatile qualities of the PDF file format to build an archiving system for a massive Jira instance, in which 100,000 issues are created every year. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we decided to integrate Better PDF Exporter into our solution because it offers absolutely everything we needed."

– Alexandru Luchian Constantinescu, Atlassian Solution Partner

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Technology)
Easy preparation for SOC 2 and PCI audits

"We needed to easily gather evidence for our PCI and SOC 2 assessors to prove our compliance. It involved exporting all details of Jira issues, including data managed by third-party apps. Better PDF Exporter saves us hours of manual work by creating professional PDF documents that are customized to our requirements, both in terms of layout and content."

– Raymond Côté, Chief Technology Officer

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Better Content Archiving success story (Technology)
How Twitch (an Amazon company) automated the content review and archiving process in Confluence

"We benefit from using the Better Content Archiving app in several ways. It made our content more relevant, reduced the number of unused spaces, freed up unused Confluence license seats, and eliminated the manual review processes in our ECM system based on Confluence."

– David Brown, Lead Technical Program Manager

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Better Content Archiving success story (Software)
NNG keeps their Confluence content reliable with Better Content Archiving

"Better Content Archiving has been helping us improve our content quality with features for page view tracking, page expiration tracking and reporting. As we gained real-life experience with the app, we learned that it can do more: it can bring a fully automated Content Lifecycle Management workflow to Confluence!"

– Tamas Baglyas, Application Tech Lead

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Better Content Archiving success story (Government)
How a Norwegian government institution implemented custom Confluence analytics

"Continuously monitoring our Confluence content with the Better Content Archiving app, feeding the information into a popular Business Intelligence solution, and optimizing resources based on our findings is a key component in maintaining a cost-efficient government function."

– Bian Wu, Atlassian Consultant

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Better Content Archiving success story (Education)
How Babbel archives outdated Confluence pages to improve discoverability

"We realized that without clearing our old Confluence pages, the system will get more cluttered every day and people will have difficulty deciding if the information is accurate. We tried to come up with a solution, but after a while, it was all just workarounds and improvisation. Then we found the Better Content Archiving app."

– Stephan Einbacher, Knowledge Manager

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Better Content Archiving success story (Fintech)
Saving hours of manual work by automatically archiving Confluence pages

"Before we started using Better Content Archiving for Confluence, we had no consistent process for handling outdated content. Everyone tried to manage the content lifecycle and page archiving differently, without any coordination. Now we have a painless way to solve these, either by automatically archiving Confluence pages or notifying the right colleagues."

– Simon Bertran, Business Solutions Manager

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Better Commit Policy success story (Aviation)
Helping the developer team comply with regulations and software requirements

"In the aviation industry, we need to be able to prove to authorities how exactly each aerospace system requirement is fulfilled and by what part of the source code. Better Commit Policy makes it easy to manage our Jira work items towards those requirements, proactively control what is committed to our source code repositories, and ultimately, to comply with regulations."

– Kalen Brown, Associate Electrical and Computer Engineer

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Better Commit Policy success story (Medical)
How developers of safety-critical systems at Philips manage source code changes

"Before using commit policies, our developers’ behavior was like in the wild west. We couldn’t match source code changes with Jira issues, it was almost impossible to understand what work has really been done, we wasted time. The Better Commit Policy app helps us maintain a manageable development process by enforcing some configurable rules in a friendly, but strict way."

– Yakov Yukhnovetsky, DevOps Engineer

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