📣 Dual product launch: Better Excel Automation and Better PDF Automation are out for Jira Cloud! (both are free!)

We build smart apps for Jira, Confluence & Bitbucket — to accelerate teams worldwide.

Atlassian tools make your team efficient.
We offer additional apps and services for those — to make your team hyper efficient.

What apps? What services?


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yep, back in 2005!


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What products does Midori develop?

We build apps (plugins, add-ons, extensions) to enhance Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket with additional features. Our goal: making your business more efficient.

  • Better Excel Exporter for Jira exports custom Excel spreadsheets from Atlassian Jira data. It enables powerful reporting and interactive data analysis in the industry standard spreadsheet tool.
  • Better Excel Automation for Jira generates Excel spreadsheets from Atlassian Jira data, and emails or stores those automatically. It effectively automates reporting and data analysis processes.
  • Better PDF Exporter for Jira generates professional documents from the information you track in Atlassian Jira. It exports files in the PDF file format, the de-facto standard for electronic business documents.
  • Better PDF Automation for Jira generates PDF documents from Atlassian Jira data, and emails or stores those automatically. It effectively automates document generation processes.
  • Better Content Archiving for Confluence implements Content Lifecycle Management for Confluence pages and attachments. It automatically finds the unused, expired, outdated, stale pages in your wiki, and optionally archives them to avoid data loss — instead of permanently deleting them.
  • Better Commit Policy for Jira checks if the changes committed to Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories meet the acceptance criteria. It results in improved source code quality, clear change history and more controlled processes.
  • Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket checks if the changes pushed to Bitbucket meet the acceptance criteria. It results in improved source code quality, clear change history and more controlled processes.
  • Better DevOps Automation for Jira connects Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Twilio, email, CI/CD and custom scripts to Jira automations. It enables building smart DevOps pipelines with no-code, low-code.

More software is in the works, stay tuned!

What services does Midori offer?

We provide professional services so that all companies and all environments can utilize the full power of our solutions.

  • Our template development service aims to build document- and report templates for our template driven apps (1 and 2). This is primarily for those customers, who prefer hiring us instead of developing their templates in-house.
  • We provide implementation service to utilize our apps in unique environments as efficiently as possible. It does that by integrating our software with your business' unique components (apps, external applications, processes).
  • The custom development service is for users who miss some feature in our products, and want to get that faster than the regular release cycle.

Looking for some help not falling to these categories? Just ping us!

We are in the Atlassian ecosystem since the very beginning

We built our first Jira and Confluence apps back in 2005, years before Atlassian Marketplace was born and the ecosystem kick-started. And, we continued to create value for the Atlassian user community since then.

We are integrating our own apps with the most popular third party apps, because we believe combining the super-power of apps creates exponentially larger value.

We are working with a worldwide network of solution partners, who can help users succeed with the Midori apps, no matter where they are and what language they speak.

We care about you

We offer clear pricing for our software and services, as well as free 30 day trials.

We reply to every email / tweet / support ticket, and we do it fast. We listen to the people using our software all the time.

We offer free licenses for charity organizations and open source projects. We offer 50% discount for academic institutions. We offer cheap Starter licenses for startups. We do it all via Atlassian Marketplace licensing.

Why "Midori"?

Midori means "green" in Japanese, which is "the color of grass when fresh and growing" (Webster Dictionary, 1913).

Midori founder Aron lived in Japan for some time. During those years, being mesmerized by the elegance of the Kanji character , he decided to use it as company name — if he ever builds a company. Rest is history.

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