What is the implementation service?

In 95% of Atlassian environments, Midori apps can be fully utilized without any actual implementation work. After conveniently installing them with the Universal Plugin Manager (built into Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket), you are good to go.

For more complicated situations, Midori provides professional services to integrate its apps with the customer's business.

Our quick implementation projects aim to get the most out of your environment by integrating with other apps, external applications, processes and other resources.

When to use it?

  1. When your organization could benefit from tight integration of your systems, but you have no time and resources (technical skills) to implement that.
  2. When you are trying to find out the best way to solve your business problem (with a Midori app). Ask us questions and build it yourself, or hire us.
  3. When your environment is unique or complicated, and the Midori app needs to go beyond its standard feature set to play nicely in that.
  4. When the Midori app solves the 98% of your business problem, but that last 2% is somehow missing.

Need help with implementing Midori apps in your environment?

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Implementation project examples

Here are some projects that we delivered recently, to give you an idea what we do and how.

Time tracking system integration

Industry: Software & service (France)

Why? The customer is using a 3rd party time tracking solution to measure their efforts. They wanted branded timesheets by merging Jira version and issue data with the external time records.

What? We developed a Groovy script that connects to the external application's API and downloads the time records. We merge that data with Jira issues using a special PDF template.

Results: An all-in-one solution that produces professional timesheets with one click.

"Watermark" feature

Industry: Medical (USA)

Why? This organization is using Jira to implement its procurement lifecycle. They needed to generate PDF invoices with "watermark" stamps, to denote approved purchases.

What? We built them a slightly customized Better PDF Exporter for Jira version and a custom document template to support these additional features.

Results: They replaced their previous procurement software with Jira and Better PDF Exporter for Jira (and saved $$$).

Browser compatibility patch

Industry: Energy (Australia)

Why? Older Internet Explorer versions have a known problem with downloading PDF files over HTTPS (secure HTTP). Some departments of our customer are standardized on that particular browser version, causing problems when using Better PDF Exporter for Jira.

What? We built a tiny independent Jira app that integrates into the rendering process of Better PDF Exporter for Jira, to solve this problem.

Results: Our solution works corporate wise, with all browser types and versions.

How does the implementation service work?

We start with gathering requirements (technical and non-technical) via quick user interviews, by using simple question lists. We make sure that we understand the business problem in the right detail.

Based on this information, we compile an estimation for you. It includes:

  • the work breakdown (as a task list)
  • time- and cost estimations (per task)
  • delivery dates

After you accepted the estimation, we start working on the project. We contact you immediately if we are unsure about some detail. We deliver you the results according to the accepted schedule.

At completion time, we make sure that the deliverables are successfully put into production. We also verify whether the project delivers the expected value.

Service rates

Our services are billed on an hourly basis. We carefully document our time, our clients receive invoices for all billable hours with detailed information on the work completed.

ServicePrice in USD
Off-site (remote) development and consulting$75 / hour

For long term project involvements, we can create a custom package with discounted rates to meet your needs — just ask us!

Minimum service charge is 4 hours.
All prices exclusive of VAT.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Payment schedule

Midori must receive an up-front payment of 20% of the total - before any project can be started. (This is essentially the customer's financial commitment to the project.)

For smaller projects, the remaining 80% is to be paid after the project was successfully completed and the deliverables were put into production. For longer projects with multiple milestones, the payment schedule is aligned to the delivery schedule (milestones).