Data-driven decisions with Jira Excel reports

How data replaced gut feeling at SkyTouch Technology using Better Excel Exporter

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Since they use a dedicated Excel exporting app for Jira, data replaced gut feeling at SkyTouch Technology.

SkyTouch Technology, a hotel management software company has been using Better Excel Exporter for Jira to export custom Excel reports from Jira data. They use these reports to communicate project progress and potential bottlenecks for the team, and support managers, so they can make data-driven decisions.

We invited Jorge Pino, a technical project manager at SkyTouch to share his experience on how they are using Jira Excel reports to identify upcoming roadblocks and analyze team performance metrics.

In Jorge's demo, you will also see how they get meaningful insights on their Jira sprint performance, run estimated vs. actual time spent reports and give feedback to the developer team as well as business leaders.

See what will be packed in this short, hands-on, 30-minute session!

In this free webinar you'll learn:
  1. What project progress metrics does SkyTouch Technology track and report on with Jira Excel reports
  2. How to create an estimated vs. actual spent time Jira report in Excel
  3. How to understand what tasks does the team spend their time on with Jira worklog reports
  4. How to view the trend of software defects and resolution rates in Jira
  5. What does a project management dashboard look like in Excel?
Don't miss this if you are:
  • Business, software or service team looking for customizable Excel report functionality
  • Jira administrator with sharing, exporting, data integration use cases
  • Jira user with Excel exporting or reporting needs
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Levente Szabo
Customer Success Manager, Midori

Levi has been helping hundreds of users succeed with the Midori apps since 2016. Before Midori, Levi led the customer team at WIND Mobile Canada and IBM and was a guest lecturer at Central European University. When not in the office, he plays with his son or catches up with the latest stock market news.

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