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Track time in Tempo Timesheets and create custom Excel reports

Tracking time during a workday is often seen by team members as a daunting task and many try to escape it whenever they can. Project management practice tells, however, that given the right tools and the right mindset across the team makes time tracking and time management a real source of value.

Not only because measuring time helps an individual understand exactly how their time is spent, but when it comes to the team level, time tracking and worklog data provide the greatest opportunity for deep analytics. The found insights then support informed project planning, resource allocation, budget management, vacation adjustment and other factors that directly affect the success or profitability of the project.

Tracking and reporting time in Jira

In the context of Jira and Jira Service Management, Tempo Timesheets is the go to tool for teams to keep track of time and plan resources.

For those, who also want to use the advanced analytics features in Microsoft Excel to uncover patterns in data recorded in Tempo Timesheets, there is the popular Jira app, Better Excel Exporter.

It deeply integrates with Tempo Timesheets, helping you get more return out of your investments in Jira and Tempo Timesheets. You can export the Tempo Timesheets-specific custom field types (like Account, Team, Iteration) and Tempo Timesheets-managed worklogs to Excel along with their custom worklog attributes. Those serve as raw data for your custom reports that will unearth important insights and support management decisions.

Using Excel to analyze the team's performance

Microsoft Excel is the most popular and feature-rich spreadsheet and business analytics tool in the corporate world. It's diverse analytics tools will also come handy if your goal is to look into the detail of your team's worklogs and time allocation in Tempo Timesheets. You can export the worklog data to Excel to understand which are the most engaged Accounts, who are the best performing support agents, what are the most time consuming type of issues, and many more aspects.

Better Excel Exporter for Jira comes with a pre-configured template dedicated to Tempo Timesheets. This allows you to create native Excel reports from Jira, using your Tempo Timesheets worklogs and their attributes, featuring pivot tables and pivot charts.

Exporting Tempo Timesheets data to Excel

Before turning to complex reports, let's just mention the use case of simply exporting the Tempo Timesheets worklogs to an Excel spreadsheet. If you only need the information on who logged how much time on what issues and similar details in an Excel table, you can still use the built-in Tempo Timesheets Report.

You can also use Better Excel Exporter if no advanced analytics needed, just the Tempo Timesheets worklogs exported to Excel

Creating Tempo Timesheets Excel reports

Using the pre-configured template means that you only need to define the collection of Jira issues you want to include in your Tempo Timesheets report, and select the Tempo Report (Excel) option from the Export drop-down menu.

The resulted Excel spreadsheet will already contain the pivot tables and pivot charts, all filled out with the right data from Tempo Timesheets. So you don't have to worry about actually building the report in Excel, as it comes ready-made. In the below example, you can see how you could find out how well your team members predicted the effort needed by comparing the estimated and actual time spent on issue types:

A pivot table showing estimated vs. spent time on issue types by team member

If your use case is about reporting on different teams' performance to the management, you can use the Tempo Teams pivot chart, that visualizes the efforts by the different teams on a given project.

Automating Tempo Timesheets Excel reports

In case you are required to deliver this report periodically, like, the first Monday of every month, you can just set up an automation with Better Excel Automation, and have a Tempo team pivot report created and delivered to your manager in email automatically.

A pivot chart to analyze team performance can be created with a single click with Better Excel Exporter


Better Excel Exporter is one of the most flexible Excel exporting and reporting Jira apps with powerful third-party app integrations, Tempo Timesheets being the most popular. Many teams across SMBs and large enterprises use the app to expand the reporting capabilities of Tempo Timesheets, getting deep insights on the effectiveness of their teams.

Make your team the next that leverages the integration between Tempo Timesheets and Better Excel Exporter!

If you need more inspiration on what kind of reports you can create, check out the rest of the Tempo Timesheets Excel reports in the Excel export samples. Otherwise don't hesitate and give Better Excel Exporter a try today!

Create native Excel reports from Tempo Timesheets!


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