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What to do if Jira Cloud for Excel is not working

When Jira Cloud for Excel is not working, you can turn to the Atlassian Support if you are on the right Jira Cloud plan. If you are not eligible for Atlassian Support, your options for help are Google and the Atlassian Community.

There are a lot of discussions on the Atlassian Community about Jira Cloud for Excel errors, so we collected them into 4 basic categories. We also included tips to resolve the errors.

Pro tip: Try Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud, a reliable Excel reporting solution instead of a generalized Jira import tool for Excel. It's created by a team with 10 years of Jira Excel reporting experience, and it ships with a template for every use case.

Typical Jira Cloud for Excel errors

1. Jira Cloud for Excel stopped working

If you had been using Jira Cloud for Excel before, and it suddenly stopped working, then it's most probably a passing glitch. You can try the usual suspects of:

  1. Restart Excel
  2. Disable-enable the add-in
  3. Disconnect-reconnect to Jira Cloud

Before that, check the latest questions and discussions on Atlassian Community. Maybe someone posted about it and alerted Atlassian. If you are in luck, Atlassian is already working on a fix.

Jira Cloud users who experienced that Jira Cloud for Excel is not working, often say that it "fixed itself" after a few days. So if you can afford to wait, give it a couple of days. Jira Cloud for Excel has all kinds of cryptic errors that come and go. 🤷

If you can't wait, try a dedicated solution, like Better Excel Exporter now.

2. Jira Cloud for Excel is not working

When Jira Cloud for Excel fails to return issues, it shows this error message:

"Hmmm ... looks like we stumbled a bit, please try again or contact Atlassian support if the issue persists."

A quick fix that can work is updating the Filters. Change the JQL query that is currently in use or otherwise enforce Excel to update the Jira issues in your spreadsheet.

A failed authentication to Jira Cloud can also cause this. If updating your JQL query didn't help, disconnect Jira Cloud for Excel or Google Spreadsheets and re-connect.

3. Jira Cloud for Excel loading gets stuck

Sometimes the loading indicator spinner gets stuck in Jira Cloud for Excel. The add-in just shows a spinner and the operation times out. The process may complete eventually but then it shows the JQL query again.

In this case clearing the cache manually and logging out and back into Jira can help.

4. Error in connection "No valid plugin Found..."

This error message comes when you successfully install the Jira Cloud for Excel add-in on a desktop Excel version, but it doesn't launch. Instead, you get the "Error in connection "No valid plugin Found..." or the "We can't load this add-in because we couldn't connect to the catalog" message.

Jira Cloud for Excel installed on an incompatible Excel version

This is most probably caused by the fact that Jira Cloud for Excel is an Excel add-in and only works with certain Excel versions. Jira Cloud for Excel is tied to Microsoft's cloud infrastructure, so this downside will always be there. You can read more in our blog on this and other facts about Jira Cloud for Excel.

If your Excel version is not compatible with Jira Cloud for Excel, update your Microsoft Office suite or Excel to a newer version. Alternatively, look for a solution that is better integrated into Jira Cloud.

5. Jira Cloud for Excel updates are very slow

This glitch slows you when you are trying to import your Jira issues into an Excel spreadsheet. It's not a blocking error. The import eventually succeeds, but it's painfully slow.

First, look at how many issues you are trying to import. If it's a lot (in the high thousands), then try importing a smaller set of issues. Adjust your JQL query or modify the filter you are using.

Collecting Jira issue data and compiling an Excel file can be a resource intensive task in itself. For Jira Cloud for Excel is even harder, as it's one step farther from the data source. It needs to jump extra hoops, a native Jira Cloud app wouldn't need to.

If changing the set of Jira issues is not possible, disable and re-enable the add-in or restart Excel. This is what many experienced Jira Cloud users recommend, however there is no evidence that it fixes this type of error.

There is also a chance that you are affected by a known bug that causes performance degradation in Jira Cloud for Excel.

The previously mentioned reason is true here as well. Jira Cloud for Excel is integrated into Microsoft Excel and not Jira Cloud. The risk of connection failure between systems will always be there. This is not the case if you use a Jira Cloud app.

Solve all above errors at once

If your team relies on complex Excel reports, you are most certainly better off with a professional Jira Cloud Excel reporting app. Even if you export from Jira Cloud to Excel occasionally, an unreliable tool is not a good investment.

Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud is an enterprise-ready Excel reporting app for Jira Cloud. It's prepared for the typical uses cases with built-in Excel report templates.

Built-in Excel report and export options in Better Excel Exporter Cloud

Does it suffer from the same errors?

Better Excel Exporter is a native Jira Cloud app. Your Excel report generation is not dependent on Microsoft or any other third-party. The app sits inside Jira Cloud, eliminating compatibility and connection problems.

Your reports are compatible with any Excel version on any operating system, on desktop or in the cloud. Better Excel Exporter is about to be migrated to Forge, the future cloud platform of Atlassian apps.

Don't take risks! Build your Jira Cloud Excel reporting workflow on a future-proof, scalable solution with a technical support team at your service.

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