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Export a Jira version report to Excel

Managing hundreds of projects in Jira Cloud with thousands of versions is a herculean task in itself. Keeping track of every single version's status is an even harder one. Unfortunately, Jira doesn't provide a way to export version information, so users have long been asking for a way to create a Jira version report.

Thanks to its versatile templates and Groovy scripts, you can start exporting Jira version reports with Better Excel Exporter in just a few minutes! If you are interested in creating your own version report in Jira, read along.

Steps to export versions from Jira:

  1. Install Better Excel Exporter.
  2. Download the resources and unzip them.
  3. In Jira Cloud, navigate to Apps -> Better Excel Exporter -> Excel Templates.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Browse" and select the two files in the unzipped folder.
  5. Navigate to Excel Views, and create a new view called "Versions".
  6. Select the contexts you want to enable the view in. Make sure that it uses the "version-export.xlsx" template.
  7. Save the new view.
  8. Navigate to the Issue Navigator and limit your search to one issue.
  9. Find the new "Excel export" icon in the upper right corner.
  10. Select the "Versions" export option.

Your spreadsheet gets downloaded automatically!

Example of the layout and contents of a jira version report

Tip: limiting issues (preferably to just one issue) is necessary as the app pre-fetches all issues in the Issue Navigator when beginning the export. However, regardless of which issues are selected, it exports all projects and their versions.

What version data is exported from Jira to Excel?

  • Project (name of the project)
  • Key (key of the project)
  • Version Name
  • Version Status (Released / Unreleased / Archived )
  • Version Progress (number of issues where the given version is listed as fix version, issues are grouped by status category)
  • Version Start Date
  • Version Release Date
  • Version Description

Customizing the resources

Just like any other Better Excel Exporter template, you can customize the behavior of the version export as well.

The "Versions" export consists of these resources:

  1. The "version-export.xlsx" Excel template which you can freely customize. You can add or remove columns, and change the spreadsheet structure and formatting, as explained in the general customization guide.
  2. The "version-export.groovy" Groovy script is used to access some additional information in Jira (version status, version progress). You can also modify this script to your needs.

This synergy between Jira Cloud and Better Excel Exporter empowers teams to present version information in a comprehensible and visually appealing manner.

As we've explored throughout this blog post, the steps to export version details are simple yet immensely impactful. With Better Excel Exporter's user-friendly interface and robust customization options, users can tailor their exports to match their unique needs and branding.

Export version report from Jira


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