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This section gives you practical hints to find the root cause when facing non-trivial problems.

My push is rejected with the message "1000 or more commits found, retry with smaller data!"

You're trying to push (or merge) an unexpectedly large number of commits in one go. The app is designed to strictly verify every single commit before accepting it. In order to keep the server stable, it imposes a limit of 1000 for the number of commits that are processed in one push.

The solution is simply splitting the "mega-push" into multiple smaller pushes. As explained in this article, Git allows pushing commits up to a certain commit (defined by its hash). If you have 2500 commits to push, e.g., you can use this method to split those to 3 separate batches, each being smaller than the 1000 limit.

I see an error message "An error occurred while processing the request" at pull requests.

Secondary symptoms: the spinner of the "Merge" button does not stop and an exception was thrown in PullRequestService.canMerge().

This is caused by a minor Bitbucket bug (BSERV-10045) which was fixed in Bitbucket 5.4.0.

You can safely ignore the red error message: it is harmless and it is displayed only once. Just reload the page in your browser to make it disappear. And then as an actual solution, upgrade to Bitbucket 5.4.0+.


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