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This page collects various articles that demonstrate how to use the Better Excel Automation app with the best results. Most reads are about 5 minutes.

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For tutorials that are created for starters or focus on one use case, check out the tutorial videos.


The articles in this section include useful guides for frequent use cases, case studies contributed by power-users, integration how-to's, and practical tips to solve concrete business problems.

Exporting from Jira to Excel

Microsoft Excel is the de-facto reporting tool for many businesses, including the largest enterprises, and for a good reason. Also, as Jira gains more and more popularity among organisations of all sizes, so grows the group of professionals who need to export data from Jira to Excel. If you consider yourself one of these professionals, you are at the right place. In this post you will learn why Better Excel Exporter is everything you need to effectively use Jira and Excel for business reporting.

2 simple steps to improve your asset management game with Jira and Insight

Jira is gaining more and more popularity also as an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. To realize this, a few powerful apps need to be set up and be connected to Jira, so it really has a chance on the field of Asset Management systems. We are now sharing what you need to have a top-performing Asset Management and reporting system built on Jira.


You can find recaps of past webinars in this section. Each recap comes with the webinar's video recording, the slides, the questions and the answers.

Webinar recap and Q&A: Create custom Excel reports from Jira issues

Thank you all who joined us live in our "How to create custom Excel reports from Jira issues in no time" webinar on September 12. If you couldn't make it, no worries! You can find here a quick recap and the video recording of presentation, plus the questions that were answered in the Q&A section.