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Exporting from Jira to Excel

Chances are that you, as a Jira user or Jira admin, have bumped into the need for exporting from Jira to Excel. Sometimes it’s more than a quick export: a sophisticated and customized report is needed, featuring pivot reports and custom analytics. This is not easy given the insufficient Excel export options available in Jira.

To make work easier and to meet the corporate requirement for professional Excel reports, Midori developed the Better Excel Exporter.

✋ Are you on Jira Cloud? Read more about the cloud version of Better Excel Exporter!

How to export from Jira to Excel?

  1. Select the "Export" drop-down menu
  2. Choose the Excel export option for your use case
  3. Wait until your export is being generated
  4. The exported Excel spreadsheet is downloaded automatically

Zoom in a bit more and see how you can export Jira issues to Excel with Better Excel Exporter.

Exporting from Jira to Excel - Level 1: Getting $#it done

If your Jira to Excel exporting needs are not too complex, you can use Better Excel instantly in an existing Jira environment. If you need regular Excel exports from Jira, chances are that one of the built-in templates will fit your use case.

With Better Excel Exporter, you can get real XLSX files out of @Jira right after installing the app. No questions, no configuration, no hassle.

You don’t have to worry about data types either. Dates will remain dates, numbers will show up as numbers in Excel. This means you can work with the right data type later if needed. In short, you can get real XLSX files from Jira right after installing the app. No questions, no configuration, no hassle.

A list of Jira issues with system and custom fields exported to Excel

Level 2: Feeding the Excel beast

If your business leaders eat Excel functions for breakfast and pivot charts for lunch, you will need a more complex Excel report template.

You can easily create a simple template in Excel by using expressions in an Excel spreadsheet. Find those expressions in the documentation, or watch how to do it in a tutorial video on Youtube. You can also use some of the complex report templates and create professional Excel reports from Jira or Jira Service Desk like this:

A complex pivot report in Excel, created with a built-in template for reports

Level 3: Being the Excel beast

The real flexibility of Better Excel Exporter shines when it comes to running your own Groovy script. This provides many options for interpreting Jira data and painting with it on the great canvas of Excel.

For example, you can calculate SLAs across a list of exported Jira Service Desk tickets. Then you can use conditional formatting in Excel to indicate visibly if one is breached. We are also building integrations with other Jira apps. You can use custom field values that are coming from Elements Connect, Tempo or Zephyr to incorporate those into your Excel exports.

Zephyr test step results with all details exported to Excel

Why is it the best Jira Excel plugin?

  • Just install and use - no configuration necessary to export Jira issues
  • Export multiple issues from the Issue Navigator screen (all fields or just the selected ones
  • Integrates with every popular Jira apps and comes with prepared templates for Jira Service Desk reports, Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr Tests, Elements Connect and more).
  • Custom exports using Groovy scripting
  • Easy automation of Jira Excel exports. Create and email periodic Jira reports to your boss (or partners without Jira access)

Jira export to Excel automatically

Automation is something that you can take advantage of regardless the level you are using Better Excel on. The free Better Excel Automation for Jira app pairs with Better Excel and used together with Automation for Jira, they provide you the automation framework that will take the repetitive workload off your shoulders.

You can set up automation rules to create your Excel exports periodically and take different actions. You can save them to your file system, attach to an issue or send it in email.

Now you have an understanding why Better Excel Exporter is the best Jira plugin to export from Jira to Excel. As your reports most definitely will not produce themselves, there is only one thing left:

Start exporting from Jira to Excel!


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