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Jira sprint reports decision-makers appreciate (+ free webinar!)

Estimated vs. Actual Time Spent report, Jira Defects report and Aggregated Story Points report are a few examples that project managers run periodically. Although, how much pain and time it takes to create those reports is not insignificant. Project managers at SkyTouch Technology for example used to spend hours aggregating Jira data for reports. Now it's a 5-minute task.

Jorge Pino, a technical project manager at SkyTouch Technology explained how they create Jira Estimated vs. Actual Time, Jira Sprint Review report and other reports using the Better Excel Exporter app. Copy what they are doing and save hours on creating Jira Excel reports!

An agile organization thriving in the hotel business

SkyTouch Technology is a leader in hospitality technology solutions. Their main product is a cloud-based property management system that many hotels around the world choose as a platform to operate their businesses on.

Their parent company is a franchiser of hotel properties but it's not an average hotel business. It was the first to introduce features like all hotels having non-smoking rooms, 24-hour online reservation and online property management. Innovations in their online property management system eventually led to the creation of SkyTouch Technology.

They are good stuarts of the environment, mandating hotels to lower their environmental footprint by switching to energy-efficient technologies.

Look at past sprints with Jira reports

Jorge showed how SkyTouch uses Atlassian tools in their daily work and how they use the Better Excel Exporter for Jira app to make data-driven decisions from Jira data.

Jira Project Management Organization (PMO) dashboard

This is a monthly report that the PM organization at SkyTouch runs to show how work estimation stacks up against actual efforts. This report contains stories completed over a month time, the story point values, and how much time it took to complete those stories.

Jorge noticed that multiple people spend more than an hour gathering everything from Jira and combine into one Excel sheet. Now they use Better Excel Exporter to create Jira report for time spent and other project progress reports with a single click.

Excel pivot chart for visualizing logged time across task types (illustration)

Jira estimated vs. actual time report

Another typical use case Jorge tells about is a Jira sprint report that takes in only done stories of a past sprint. This report basically takes the Jira sprint history and aggregates the developers' estimated time vs. the actual time spent on each story. The Excel template calculates the original estimates in one column and aggregates the logged time in another.

This biweekly report allows the developer team and stakeholders to understand how their estimates are aligning with the actual efforts spent on tasks. Gaps are discussed with the developer team, so bottlenecks in the development process can be addressed.

"If an 8-pointer takes us the same amount of time as a 13-pointer, we can take a look what we are missing in those stories and improve our estimates", explains Jorge.

Jorge uses the Jira estimated vs actual time values from Excel to create a PPT presentation for managers

Once Jorge has the numbers in an exported Excel spreadsheet, he copy-pastes it to a table in a PPT presentation he prepares for managers.

Jira defect report

SkyTouch developers log their time on different tasks, like support, internal environment setup, documentation or release. Jorge has an Excel report template that displays these logged hours across the entire dev team, but he reports separately on defects.

SkyTouch has a "warranty process" for newly released software. It means that developers have to respond to issues with priority within 3 months. So there are two types of defect trend reports: one for all defects and one for the ones solved in the warranty period.

Jorge uses a customized Better Excel Exporter template to create those reports regularly with minimal effort.

"This took us a long time to create custom reports like these before. Better Excel Exporter turned an hour-long task into literally 5 minutes", says Jorge.

Time saving, data aggregation and automation

"As a project manager, your most important asset is your time. If you can save even just 10 minutes, that I can spend on critical issues, it worth it for me", says Jorge.

Easy Excel sprint reports allow the SkyTouch team to look at data (like time spent per user or time spent on defects) holistically and help make a decision immediately.

"Ready-to-use Excel templates, easy-to-follow documentation and automation make Better Excel Exporter for Jira a super valuable project management tool for us."

Watch our webinar with SkyTouch Technology

Want to see all this in action? Watch our webinar with SkyTouch to see how they use Jira sprint reports in their daily work!

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