Export custom Zephyr Squad Excel reports

Better Excel Exporter is tightly integrated with Zephyr Squad, the most popular test management app for Jira. Zephyr Squad tests are "first-class citizens" in the Excel exports, meaning that similarly to Jira issues, you can export all test-related information to Excel. It includes test case details (fields, attachments, comments, etc.), test steps, test executions and detailed step results during an execution.

Of course, you can use all the Excel features, from functions and formulas to pivot tables and pivot charts, on Zephyr Squad data. With those, you can implement literally any type of Zephyr Squad test report.

Next steps

Export samples

Zephyr Squad test steps

Zephyr Squad test cases are Jira issues of the "Test" type. This export example generated from the issue-navigator-with-test-steps.xlsx Excel template shows a mix of regular issue fields in the left (key, summary, priority) and Zephyr Squad test step details in the right (instructions, test data, expected result).


Zephyr Squad test executions

Export Zephyr Squad test execution reports to Excel easily! Run a JQL search in Jira to find any arbitrary set of Zephyr Squad tests, then generate a filterable, searchable, shareable, grouped list of their test executions.


Zephyr Squad test step results

This highly detailed Excel export captures the Zephyr Squad test results in three logical levels: tests, test executions for each test, and test step results for each test execution. Being a complete snapshot of testing data, you can search this, import this to external systems, use it for archiving purposes, etc.


Zephyr Squad test report

You can also export custom Excel reports from Zephyr Squad test data. The zephyr-report.xlsx template gives a valuable overview of test executions per version, test cycle and tester, shows the test execution history, and shows which tests and executions discover the most defects. Build your own Zephyr Squad Excel reports by copying this template.