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Better Commit Policy for Jira 3.0.0 released: tag verification, branch verification, new conditions, new configuration options

We are pleased to announce that Better Commit Policy for Jira 3.0.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

In short, this is our most feature-packed release since the very first public version of Better Commit Policy!

It introduces new conditions that enable powerful verification on branches and tags, new options to toggle verification on already-existing and merge commits, plus numerous improvements.

Configuring a branch rule in Better Commit Policy 3.0.0

Release highlights

New in this release

  • Branch verification
  • Tag verification
  • New option for commit policies: "Accept existing commits without verification"
  • New option for commit policies: "Accept merge commits without verification"
  • New condition: "Changed paths (files) must contain issue keys from a JQL query"
  • New option for issue key verifying conditions: "Allow additional issue keys in commit messages" (plus branch names, tag names)


  • Git branch names are now simply "feature/my-branch" (previous app versions used the refspec format like "refs/heads/feature/my-branch").
  • Automatic hook script version checks are executed to find outdated hook scripts.
  • Console output format was significantly extended (but also streamlined at the same time!) to display problems related to branches and tags.
  • Condition configuration examples can be inserted with a click from a super-helpful expandable block.
  • New global configuration option for issue keys in branch names, tag names and paths.
  • Issue keys can be entered case insensitively in commit messages ("foo-123 Fixed this bug" is equivalent with "FOO-123 Fixed this bug").
  • New hook script configuration option "ssl_verify = False" allows disabling the verification of the SSL certificate when connecting to Jira over HTTPS (only recommended for testing).
  • When using VCS usernames in email address format (e.g. "joe@acme.com"), its value will be used both as the user's name and as the user's email address.
  • When finding multiple global configurations (corrupt data), the first one will be used consistently, and a warning will be logged.
  • Rebuilt troubleshooting page with a ton of new articles.


  • Fixed: Only the first line of multi-line Git commit messages are processed (requires upgrading existing "pre-commit" type hook scripts on Git servers).


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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