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Better PDF Automation for Jira Cloud

Export, email & save PDF documents from Jira automatically
How does it work?

Better PDF Automation automatically creates custom PDF documents from Jira issues. It seamlessly integrates two extremely popular solutions:

  1. Better PDF Exporter - the most powerful PDF exporter app for Jira
  2. Jira Cloud Automation - the wildly popular automation engine for Jira
Automate your workflows with Jira-based document generation

Create custom PDF documents:

  • on a specified schedule (e.g. "every weekday 6AM")
  • at issue events (e.g. created, updated, commented, work logged)
  • at service management events (e.g. SLA breached, alert status changed)
  • at sprint events (e.g. created, started, completed)
  • at version events (e.g. created, released)
  • at form events (e.g. submitted)
  • at DevOps events (e.g. deployment successful, pull request merged)
  • manually (when the user explicitly runs it)
  • when a webhook is invoked (for integrations)
Create PDF automation rules with some clicks

A rule in a nutshell: if the trigger "happens", then the action is "executed".

You can work with a wide selection of triggers and actions. You can configure them using parameters.

You can control the rule execution with if-else conditions and branching.

Email PDF documents automatically

The SEND type action enables you to configure the PDF view (which selects the PDF template), the recipients' email addresses, the email subject and the body text.

All these configuration settings can be static and can also use smart values (e.g. the assignee of the issue).

💡 How to email PDF files automatically?

Don't go to Jira for your exports every morning

Let the exports come to your mailbox automagically.

Daily stand-up meeting at 9:00? Schedule the SEND type action to 8:50 and auto-send the sprint status report to everyone involved.

Save PDF documents automatically

The SAVE type action saves the generated PDF files to Document management systems, Enterprise storage and Cloud storage.

Coming soon!

💬 IMPORTANT: tell us your storage platform so that we can support that!

Issue archiving could not be easier!

Run the SAVE type action on a specified schedule to:

  • Produce a human-readable, searchable archive of your issues.
  • Create snapshots, baselines or backups with ease.

Plus, use PDF files to integrate Jira information into:

  • Document management systems (like Alfresco)
  • Enterprise storage (like Box, Microsoft OneDrive)
  • Cloud storage (like Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Search engines
  • Any external service that can process PDF files
Attach PDF documents automatically

The ATTACH type action attaches the generated PDF file to the "original owner" issue or to an arbitrary issue selected by a JQL search.

The attachment filename is dynamically generated, therefore it can include the issue key, the timestamp, etc.

💡 How to attach PDF files automatically?

Automatically capture the state of issues, sprints, projects

Use the ATTACH type action to attach the snapshot to an issue in order to keep the historical state in Jira.

Use these lightweight baselines for historical views, metric collection, comparisons or audits.

Automatic PDF exports from the Jira apps you already use

Better PDF Automation extends all popular Jira apps with PDF automation features.

Integrated with your cloud storage

Better PDF Automation can export PDF files to all popular cloud storage services (in addition to the server filesystem).

How does it help me work better?

Better PDF Exporter success story (Telecom)
This creative Jira reporting solution saves $5000 per year on license cost

"Our customer is a major telecom company in Eastern Europe. The more we talked about their needs, the more it became clear that they have a reporting problem, not a planning problem. To keep things simple, we ended up creating our own structure of programs and portfolio. As a result, we achieved sizable savings both in time and license cost for them."

– Frantisek Spacek, Atlassian Consultant

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Banking)
How Better PDF Exporter helps a top US bank with custom audit reporting

"We are required to provide auditors with transaction reports, private equity clients with monthly SLA reports, internal users with archived issue reports. We've used Better PDF Exporter to build these custom reports from our Jira issues and to easily customize them on a per client basis."

– Matt, System Engineer

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Government)
How the EU Commission uses Better PDF Exporter to archive Jira issues

"We use the versatile qualities of the PDF file format to build an archiving system for a massive Jira instance, in which 100,000 issues are created every year. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we decided to integrate Better PDF Exporter into our solution because it offers absolutely everything we needed."

– Alexandru Luchian Constantinescu, Atlassian Solution Partner

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Technology)
Easy preparation for SOC 2 and PCI audits

"We needed to easily gather evidence for our PCI and SOC 2 assessors to prove our compliance. It involved exporting all details of Jira issues, including data managed by third-party apps. Better PDF Exporter saves us hours of manual work by creating professional PDF documents that are customized to our requirements, both in terms of layout and content."

– Raymond Côté, Chief Technology Officer

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Technology)
Making customers happy with painless Jira data sharing

"We wanted to share completed tickets and survey results with our clients, without having to grant them access to our internal Jira. We found that generating a PDF document with Better PDF Exporter, that contains photos, attachments and custom data, and sending it to them works perfectly. It's a professional way to communicate and share important Jira data with the customer."

– Andrew Y., Project Engineer

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Better PDF Exporter success story (Chemical Industry)
Technical product documentation from Jira in different languages

"Our client in the chemical industry needed to generate PDFs with technical information about their products in different languages. We saw that Better PDF Exporter supports custom scripting with Ruby and also the possibility to customize the templates. This level of personalisation is a key for us and our customer."

– Raul Lopes, Atlassian Technician

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Who's using it?

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Once you understand your options, it is a very powerful and flexible solution for rapid, repeatable, low-maintenance automation.

James T., FourthWall Media

Better PDF Exporter is really useful for automating the dashboard exports via email. This really saved a lot of manual efforts and time by sending the dashboards to the respective stakeholders in regular frequencies.

Bindhu V., Tata Consultancy Services

Better PDF Exporter and Better PDF Automation allowed me to email PDFs to my clients automatically. Those contain key information about my projects, such as custom fields data and even screenshots of Google Maps dynamically integrated into my Jira issues!

Jërëmie M., Polyconseil

Simple and useful plugin that we use for scheduled reporting via email. Support for the plugin from Midori was great when we had questions or issues.

Avinash S., Derivco

We are using it for saving issues to PDF and directly attaching it to the same issue. The support is also very fast.

Alexander R., empiriecom
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