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Better PDF Exporter for Jira 7.3.0 released: support for Profields, Table Grid Next Generation and Color Custom Fields

This version introduces 3 new integrations to the already long list of 3rd party Jira apps integrated with Better PDF Exporter. For the long run, we aim to enhance all popular Jira apps with customizable PDF exports, and this version is another step to that direction.

Additionally, this version comes with a couple of smaller, but important improvements and bugfixes.

Release highlights

New in this release

  • Support for the Profields custom field types.
  • Support for Table Grid Next Generation custom field type.
  • Support for Color Custom Fields custom field types.


  • The "issue-fo.vm" template displays the total spent time also for built-in worklogs (in previous version, it was shown only when Tempo Timesheets was being used for time tracking).
  • The "issue-navigator-fo.vm" template exports the "Creator" column more consistently with "Reporter" and other user-valued columns.
  • A new default setting effectively prevents the occasional ".fop (Permission denied)" problem.


  • Fixed: Decimal digits in the Tempo Timesheets worklog "hours" fields may be incorrectly processed in the "issue-fo.vm" and "timesheet-fo.vm" templates (depending on the JVM system locale).
  • Fixed: Unwanted line-breaks appear in syntax-highlighted code blocks (only if Jira runs on Windows).
  • Fixed: Non-intuitive message shown when Zephyr Squad REST API credentials are not correct.


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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