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Better PDF Exporter for Jira 7.4.0 released: support for ScriptRunner (script custom fields) and Development fields

This version introduces 2 new integrations to the already long list of 3rd party Jira apps integrated with Better PDF Exporter. For the long run, we aim to enhance all popular Jira apps with customizable PDF exports, and this version is another step to that direction.

Additionally, this version comes with a couple of smaller, but important improvements.

Release highlights

New in this release

  • Support for ScriptRunner (script custom fields).
  • Support for the Development Summary custom field type (branches, commits, pull requests).


  • The new configuration option "$embeddedAttachmentMaxFileSize" in "issue-fo.vm" allows limiting the file size of the attachments to be embedded in the exported PDF documents (default: 50M).
  • A PDF document with the more intuitive "Dashboard <10001> not found or not permitted for john.doe" message is exported for dashboards that are not existing or are not permitted for the user (typically in automations).
  • A newly introduced mechanism called "executeOnce()" optimizes script executions without complicating template code.
  • PDF exports complete 200-300 milliseconds faster due to the above mentioned "executeOnce()" script execution mechanism.
  • A newly introduced Velocity tool "$pdfField" helps to get field values in the HTML format how those would be display in the web UI (can be immensely useful in some rare cases).
  • The Velocity tool "$pdfFormatter" can format duration values either as calendar days (24 hours) or as working days (8 hours by default), both depending on the user's locale.


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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