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Better Excel Exporter for Jira 5.2.0 released: support for Structure

We are pleased to announce that Better Excel Exporter for Jira 5.2.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

This version introduces a new integration, this time with Structure, the hyper-popular Jira app to manage complex issue hierarchies.

Release highlights

New in this release

  • Support for Structure.


  • <mt:execute> supports conditional execution of scripts using the "test" attribute.
  • The new Groovy script "structure-tool.groovy" provides general helper methods for working with issue hierarchies managed by Structure. These can be useful for any custom Excel template that wants to work with structures.
  • The new rendering context object "$xlsViewContext" identifies the "export context" (the screen) which the document generation was initiated from.

Notable changes

  • The "Structure (Excel)", "Comments (Current fields)", "Worklogs (Current fields)", "History (Current fields)", "Created vs Resolved Report (Excel)", "Workflow Report (Excel)" and "Worklog Report (Excel)" views are visible by default in the Structure screen.


  • Fixed: Xray "Manual Test Steps" custom field is exported with blank "Data" and "Expected Result" information when those are undefined (instead of skipping them).
  • Fixed: Xray "Test Execution Status" custom field is exported to a dummy JSON string for the issues that are not "Test Execution" type.
  • Fixed: Xray "Test Run Executed By" column is blank in the "issue-navigator-with-xray-test-runs.xlsx" and in the "xray-test-run-report.xlsx" templates, when using more recent Jira and Xray versions (Jira 8 and compatible Xray versions).
  • Fixed: Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) "Transition Callers" custom fields are not exported.


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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