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Better PDF Exporter for Jira 9.0.0 released: improved classloading for Groovy scripts

We are pleased to announce that Better PDF Exporter 9.0.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

Working with external Java classes and OSGi components in Groovy scripts can be a headache. It is mostly due to the OSGi classloading restrictions exposed by Felix, the OSGi container built into Jira. From this app version, importing and loading external classes was made much easier.

Release highlights

New in this release

  • Improved classloading.


  • The new context object ClassHelper provides helper methods to access components provided by other apps. It simplifies writing integration-type Groovy scripts.


  • Fixed: Cards are missing from exports of Agile Wallboard gadgets linked to Kanban boards, due to a compatibility issue with Jira 8.8.1.
  • Fixed: The Agile Wallboard gadget may be exported as markup text instead of the actual cards in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Exporting SVG images (typically project avatars) may result in LinkageError related to the org.w3c.dom package.


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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