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Better Content Archiving for Confluence 8.8.0 released: content owners

We are pleased to announce that Better Content Archiving for Confluence 8.8.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

This version introduces the concept of content owners.

Content owners are one or more manually selected users who are responsible for the content in a single page or in a whole page tree. They can optionally be notified when the page becomes not-viewed, expired or archived. The concept is similar to, for example, the author or the last modifier of the page, but while these are "implicit" roles (determined automatically), page owners are "explicit" (selected manually).

Release highlights

New in this release

  • Content owners.

Notable changes

  • Terminology change: "archiving job" is now called "content lifecycle job".
  • Terminology change: "archiving event" is now called "content audit log event", while "content events" (as a screen title) becomes "content audit log".


  • Fixed: when collapsing the node of a last sibling in the Content Status Browser, sometimes all nodes "below it" disappear from the UI.


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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