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Better DevOps Automation for Jira Data Center

Connect Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Subversion, Mercurial, Slack, Twilio, email, CI/CD and custom scripts to Jira automations
How does it work?

Better DevOps Automation connects the Automation for Jira app, Atlassian's standard automation solution, to development workflows. Its development-focused triggers and actions can be freely mixed with the built-in automation components.

Why should I use it?
  • Trigger Jira-managed automations from Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Subversion, Mercurial and other Version Control Systems.
  • Connect Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity, Slack, Twilio, Zoom and other popular DevOps tools to Jira automations.
  • Implement notifications, builds, deployments, delivery, code scan, custom logic with a few clicks.
1000s of DevOps use cases with no-code, low-code

Easily replace manual workflows, expensive Jira apps and complicated process automation solutions with light-weight automation rules.

Automate all things DevOps


  • Developer productivity boost
    (It enables developers focus on innovation.)
  • Faster execution
    (It is never too tired to do the repetitive tasks.)
  • Higher-quality and more consistent results
    (It eliminates manual errors.)
  • Happier developers
    (Satisfied developer → productive developer!)
  • Major cost savings
    (It replaces manual work, other Jira apps and external tools.)
Supported triggers

Each trigger supports a rich set of smart values (variables to parametrize conditions and actions).

Supported actions

The Run Groovy script action runs code written in the Groovy language. This action with a proper script can solve any use case.

💡 See our library for transitioning issues to "In Progress", sending Slack messages, starting Jenkins builds and other ready-made Groovy scripts.

Notifications from Git, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Subversion and Mercurial

Send custom notifications when commits, branches or tags are created. Keep internal and external recipients up-to-date with no efforts.

Supported channels:

You can integrate any other channel if it has an API! (All modern tool has one.)

Start Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity and other CI/CD builds

Implement Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery with your DevOps workflow.

Supported CI/CD platforms:

Start builds:

  • after every commit, merge, branch or tag creation
  • if custom conditions are met (from simple to complex if-then-else)
  • if the developer enters a Genius Command

Add build parameters from a wide range of smart values.

Run .groovy, .py, .sh, .bat and external executables

Supported languages:

Executables are first-class automation components:

  • Input: the automation rule can pass parameters to the script.
  • Output: the script can return values to the automation rule.
  • Side effect: the script can write to the audit log (through stdout and stderr).
What's better than Smart Commits? Genius Commits!

Start parametric automations directly from your commit messages:

Create your custom Smart Genius Commit

Creating a new command is as simple as:

  1. Give it a name and define its parameters
  2. Define its logic with an automation rule


Integrated with the DevOps tools you already use

Connect development tools and make Jira your DevOps backbone.

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