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Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud 2.0.0 released: support for dashboard exports

We are super-proud to announce that this major release implements the feature that was most requested by the user community: support for dashboard exports!

The new feature enables exporting, printing and sharing Jira dashboards and reports with external people. There is no other app for Jira Cloud that comes with this feature!

Release highlights

New in this release

Support Better PDF Exporter at Codegeist 2020!

Please note that this release is our submission to Codegeist 2020, Atlassian's app development hackathon.

Take a minute to check out our project page and hit "like" on our submission. It helps the app get more visibility and more trials, ultimately encouraging us to work even more on the next set of features.

Please check out and like the project here: https://devpost.com/software/jira-cloud-dashboard-export

Support for dashboards, built-in reports and agile boards

You can export all built-in and third party gadgets to PDF documents that you can customize to the smallest details, both in terms of layout and content. Since most Jira reports and Jira Software agile boards have their equivalent gadgets, you can also export those to PDF using this technique!

See some sample dashboard exports and learn more about exporting dashboards.


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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