📣 Dual product launch: Better Excel Automation and Better PDF Automation are out for Jira Cloud! (both are free!)

Better PDF Exporter for Jira Cloud 2.1.0 released: extended quota

In this release, we extended the quota system to allow export tasks run up to 5 minutes! The new quota enables exporting massive data sets that resulted in timeouts previously.

Release highlights

New in this release

Extended quota

Jira data exports are resource-intensive tasks in general. Even more so, if they require extensive network communication between the Jira Cloud app and the Jira REST API, or if they execute computation-heavy Groovy scripts. To protect resources, Better PDF Exporter implemented its quota system since the very beginning.

In the original quota system, you could run any number of export tasks, but each of those could run only for 60 seconds, then timed out. As it turned out, this limit was overly strict for certain use cases. Listening to your feedback, we redesigned the whole quota system from scratch. Learn more about the new quota rules.



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