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Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket 5.2.0 released: Compatibility with Bitbucket Mesh

We are pleased to announce that Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket 5.2.0 is available on Atlassian Marketplace!

Release highlights

New in this release

This version is a compatibility release for the Bitbucket 8 line.

What is Bitbucket Mesh

Bitbucket Mesh is Atlassian's distributed and replicated Git repository storage introduced in Bitbucket 8.0. It replaces the NFS based filesystem that previously hosted Git repositories for Bitbucket. This feature was only added to Bitbucket Data Center deployment, to improve resiliency and scalability.

Compatibility with Bitbucket Mesh

Starting from 5.2.0, the Better Commit Policy for Bitbucket app fully supports multi-node Mesh deployments.

The app was now validated in a Data Center deployment using multiple Mesh nodes. We confirmed that assuming that all nodes are in healthy state, the commit policy can be reliably verified on any node. It works in a completely transparent way for the Git user when pushing commits and for the Bitbucket user when merging pull requests.


Read the complete release notes + upgrade guide


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