Export ScriptRunner scripted fields to PDF

ScriptRunner is the most powerful app to extend and customize Jira with every kind of custom logic, programmed in Groovy scripts. Among other extension points, you can implement custom fields with it, whose values are programmatically calculated or automatically loaded from external databases, APIs or other sources.

Better PDF Exporter for Jira allows exporting all those script fields to PDF documents, including both the ones powered by built-in and by custom Groovy scripts.

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Export samples

Jira issue with built-in (picker) script fields

This is a PDF export example with a selection of the ScriptRunner-managed "picker" type custom fields: Issue picker, Remote issue picker and Database Picker (in the ScriptRunner Fields section). Better PDF Exporter supports all the single- and multi-valued "picker" variants.


Jira issue with built-in script fields

ScriptRunner offers script fields which are powered by ready-made scripts shipped with the app, which therefore work without any programming. In this PDF export sample, these are exported to the ScriptRunner Fields section, automatically formatted as date, number, etc. depending on their data types.


Jira issue list with custom script fields

In addition to the built-in script fields, ScriptRunner enables you to create script fields that are powered by custom Groovy scripts written by you. All you need to do is properly configuring those with a searcher. Better PDF Exporter will find out their data types and your custom field values will be correctly exported from Jira to PDF! Zero extra work required.