Export Table Grid from Jira to PDF

The Table Grid Editor app adds tabular (spreadsheet-like) custom fields to Jira issues. This format enables managing structured information, like quote line items, employee history or checklists, in powerful custom fields.

Better PDF Exporter exports Table Grid Editor managed custom fields to PDF, fully preserving their structure also in the PDF documents.

(Table Grid Editor is effectively replaced by its modern re-implementation called Table Grid Next Generation. Both the old and the new apps are integrated with Better PDF Exporter.)

Next steps

Export samples

Jira issue with table grid field

This PDF export sample is a typical quote document with the line items stored in a table grid. The table grid has columns of various data types.


Jira issue list with table grid fields

When exporting an issue table, the table grid fields are fit into single cells, essentially becoming tables-in-a-table. Even in this case, the PDF export is perfectly readable and summarizes large amount of data in an intuitive layout.