Export Structure from Jira to Excel

The Structure Jira app helps project portfolio managers visualize, track and manage projects with an adaptable, user-defined, spreadsheet-like issue hierarchy. Unlike the two-level hierarchy available in Jira out of the box (issues and sub-tasks), Structure can manage hierarchies with arbitrary depth (trees containing issue nodes).

Better Excel Exporter can export structures with the user-selected Jira fields to custom Excel spreadsheets. It is also possible to easily implement structures in any custom Excel template using some concept of "hierarchical issues".

Next steps

Export samples

Requirements specification

Structure for Jira is a great tool to manage technical requirements for any engineering project, while Better Excel Exporter is great to export and share those with external parties for reviewing, auditing and analyzing purposes. This example features hierarchical requirements identified by a sequential index (e.g. 1.2.1), collapsible/expandable hierarchy levels, folders for grouping, memos for additional text fragments, plus dependencies and other types of requirement links for the traceability of the items.


Structure portfolio report (program report)

This multi-level Jira issue list gives a centralized overview to the status of the whole project portfolio. It breaks down agile programs to initiatives, to epics, to stories, to tasks and even to sub-tasks. When exporting from Jira, Better Excel Exporter automatically uses the columns you configured for the Structure view, therefore you can add, remove and re-order columns to the final report effortlessly.


Dynamic task list

Structure's automation features are fully supported by Better Excel Exporter! The dynamic structure exported from Jira to this Excel file is an issue set, automatically grouped by sprint (1st level), grouped by assignee (2nd level), and sorted by story points. Note that after the so-called generator items are automatically executed, the resulted issues will be exported.