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1 - Does Better Excel Exporter work with non-English Excel versions?


Better Excel Exporter fully supports any Excel language version, but there are three important features in Excel that depend on Excel's language:

  1. The function names you use in your formulas and in named ranges.
    For example, the function AVERAGE() is called MITTELWERT() in German-speaking Excel.
    No worries, you can run a quick Google search like "excel average function german" to find the list of the translated function names.
  2. The decimal separator (dot or comma).
    For example, one-and-a-half is 1.5 in English, but 1,5 in Hungarian.
    This is easily configurable.
  3. The list separator (comma or semicolon) that separates the function arguments.
    As a consequence of the previous, if you use comma as decimal separator, you can't use that as list separator!
    This is also configurable.

Therefore, you may have to adapt the code examples in the Better Excel Exporter manual to your own Excel language version.

For example:


becomes this in German, when using comma decimal separator:


Note that this does not affect the actual Excel files at all. This is a presentation-time behavior only, thus any Excel file works perfectly with Better Excel Exporter and with any Excel language version. (Reason: Excel uses a canonical "everything is English-style" representation internally. Then, any Excel file can be opened in any Excel language version, and it will turn the presentation accordingly.)


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