Export Jira Misc Custom Fields to Excel

Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) is an extremely popular Jira app that offers calculated (scripted) custom fields to display information based on computed values. Those create more useful Jira issue screens, better search, better filtering, more powerful reports and dashboards.

Better Excel Exporter exports all the calculated (scripted) fields to Excel for reporting, sharing, ETL (extract, transform, load) purposes.

Next steps

Export samples

Issues with JMCF custom fields

This Excel export shows custom field samples of various types, calculated by the Jira Misc Custom Fields app. For example, the "Work Started by" column contains the user who transitioned the issue to the "Under development" status the first time, while "Time in Under Development" contains the time spent in that status, and so on.


Stories with the most defects report

In this Excel export example, a JMCF-powered custom field is used to count the bug-type Jira issues linked to the implementation sub-tasks of each user story, and store that number in the story itself. It is an indirect counter to find the stories with the most implementation defects. Another JMCF custom field stores the story owner (the user who transitioned the story to the "Accepted" status) who appears color coded to the chart.


Low-effort high-impact stories report

This Excel report uses Jira Misc Custom Fields to calculate the total vote count and the total time estimate of the tasks linked to (high priority) user stories, plus the ratio of those two. The bubble chart clearly tells which stories would create the highest value in the shortest time, i.e. which stories should be your top priorities.