Export Visual Basic enhanced Excel reports from Jira

The Excel files exported from Jira do not need to be fully static. Certain use cases may require adding extra logic for dynamic post-processing, for interactions and for other purposes.

Better Excel Exporter for Jira fully supports Visual Basic (VBA), the native scripting language of Microsoft Excel, to meet those requirements. You can add the Visual Basic code to the Excel template, then all reports generated from that template will be able to execute it.

Next steps

Export samples

Macro executed when opening the XLSX file

This example is essentially the illustration for our VBA tutorial article. After the XLSX was exported from Jira, every time when you open this, it executes a little VBA macro that turns the overdue issues to red, and also displays their count in a message box. (Overdue issues are the unresolved issues that have their due date already passed.) This simplistic example demonstrates the concept of using VBA to create dynamic reports.