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Both Automation Lite (free) and Automation (paid) are supported

The Automation for Jira app is available in two versions: the free unsupported version called "Automation Lite for Jira" and the paid supported version called "Automation for Jira". Better Excel Exporter supports both versions. In this context there is no difference between those, and the everything written in this page is applicable to both.

What is Automation for Jira?

(supported since Better Excel Exporter 1.0.0)

Automation for Jira is a powerful and flexible automation solution for Jira. This allows to create automation rules from triggers (when should happen?) and actions (what should happen?).

Automation for Jira integration features

  • Better Excel Exporter extends Automation for Jira with the Send Excel in email action to email Excel reports from Jira at regular intervals (periodic job) or at issue events (issue created, updated, assigned, etc.).
  • It also offers the Save Excel to the file system action to export Excel reports from Jira at regular intervals or at issue events.
  • Finally, it offers the Attach Excel to an issue action to attach Excel reports from Jira at regular intervals or at issue events.

(Need more features? Tell us in a support ticket!)

Tutorial video

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to use the Excel related actions when setting up automation rules in the Automation for Jira app.


Read the automation tutorial for a complete how-to.

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