How to buy a commercially supported license?

Better PDF Exporter for Jira Data Center licenses can be purchased in a minute at the Atlassian Marketplace. Just click the red button below to start your one minute purchasing wizard (in a new browser tab).

Please note that this will require you to login to Atlassian Marketplace. You most likely have an Atlassian Marketplace account already, but you can sign up there in a minute if not yet.

If the button below doesn't work for you, then open the app's Atlassian Marketplace page and click the "Buy it now" link there.

If you'd rather buy via an Atlassian Solution Partner, find your local partner in the Solution Partners page.

Questions? Please read the Atlassian Marketplace FAQ or open a support ticket in our system - we are here to help.

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Free trials

Our free 30-day evaluation license enables you to evaluate the Better PDF Exporter for Jira Data Center without any commitment.

Please read the free trials page for more information.

Data Center pricing

The license fee depends on the user tier (user count) of the Jira Data Center license that will host the app.
Software licenses include 12 months use of commercial support, and include access to all new versions.

Commercial Academic
50 users $550 $275
100 users $990 $495
250 users $1,990 $995
500 users $2,990 $1,495
750 users $3,990 $1,995
1,000 users $3,990 $1,995
2,000 users $3,990 $1,995
3,000 users $4,990 $2,495
4,000 users $4,990 $2,495
5,000 users $4,990 $2,495
6,000 users $4,990 $2,495
7,000 users $4,990 $2,495
8,000 users $4,990 $2,495
9,000 users $4,990 $2,495
10,000 users $4,990 $2,495
11,000 users $5,990 $2,995
12,000 users $5,990 $2,995
13,000 users $5,990 $2,995
14,000 users $5,990 $2,995
15,000 users $5,990 $2,995
20,000 users $5,990 $2,995
25,000 users $5,990 $2,995
30,000 users $5,990 $2,995
35,000 users $5,990 $2,995
40,000 users $5,990 $2,995
45,000 users $5,990 $2,995
50,000 users $5,990 $2,995
Unlimited users $5,990 $2,995

Must match the Atlassian license. Prices in USD.

Who is using Better PDF Exporter for Jira?

What other users say

"My client keeps asking me questions "can it do this", "can it do that" and shortly after consulting the add-on documentation, I respond with "yes!" This blows me away. Most Jira add-on's are nowhere near as polished and definitely not as configurable / functional."
— Garry M., Kapaldo

"We use this add-on to create customer reports. Before we bought this tool, this was a time consuming job, which took at least one hour per customer. Now we can create this reports in a few seconds."
— Holger N., INFORM Software

"We mostly use modified templates from those that were provided with the plugin. So far none of our client requests have been impossible. The combination of Velocity and Groovy allows you to render almost anything."
— Chandra J., ilmCon

"We are using Better PDF Exporter for Jira in combination with Better PDF Automation for Jira for an automatic generarion of release notes and regular business reports based on our Jira tickets. Thanks for saving our time and money!"
— Markus F., ISG

"This was a very handy plugin to address a use case where we needed to export thousands of Jira issues but also include things like attachments and comments. Recommended!"
— Adam W.,

End User License Agreement

Better PDF Exporter for Jira is a proprietary software application. Your use of the Better PDF Exporter for Jira product is subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use and the Midori End User License Agreement.