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What is Elements Connect (nFeed)?

(supported since Better PDF Exporter 5.10.0)

Elements Connect (previously known as nFeed) integrates external data sources (SQL databases, LDAP, Active Directory, REST APIs, Salesforce, CSV files, etc.) to Jira.

Elements Connect (nFeed) integration features

  • You can export the nFeed-managed custom field types like nFeed, nFeed - Date, nFeed - DateTime, nFeed - User (and even the legacy nFeed [deprecated]) to PDF.

(Need more features? Tell us in a support ticket!)

Tutorial video

Take 2 minutes and watch this short introductory video about exporting nFeed-managed data to PDF:

Export samples

Issue with nFeed fields

This sample PDF (generated from the issue-fo.vm template) contains a single issue with several nFeed custom fields: one of them is a Google Drive document selector, while customers, invoice address and contacts are dependent fields loaded from an external CRM database.


Issue list with nFeed data

nFeed custom fields are also supported when bulk-exporting issues to a table. Note: nFeed fields are so transparent in the PDF document that the "(nFeed)" ending was added to the field names to mark those.



There is nothing to do. Better PDF Exporter will automatically recognize the nFeed-managed fields and export them accordingly.


When I uninstall or disable the nFeed app, it also disables the Better PDF Exporter app

This is a very infrequent and random problem, which is deeply rooted in Jira's OSGi component dependency management. Solution: simply re-enable Better PDF Exporter (via the Universal Plugin Manager) and it will work.

There is a "Failed to find the nFeed API" warning in my Jira log

Just like previous one, this is rare and random, also related to OSGi and Jira's internal ComponentAccessor returning a null object as nFeed API. Solution: simply reinstall Better PDF Exporter and it will work (and it will not happen again). (Note: even with the warning written to the log, the export falls back to a simplified mode and gives a so-so result for the users.)

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