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What is Portfolio for Jira?

(supported since Better Excel Exporter 4.2.0)

Portfolio for Jira is Atlassian's Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, an agile roadmapping and project planning app for Jira Software.

Portfolio for Jira integration features

  • You can export the Portfolio-managed custom field types like Original story points, Parent Link, Team, Target start and Target end, to Excel.

(Need more features? Tell us in a support ticket!)

Portfolio for Jira integration vs. the Portfolio for Jira built-in Excel exports

You may want to ask: if Portfolio for Jira has a built-in Excel export feature, why would you use another app for the same?

While the Portfolio for Jira built-in Excel exports may be sufficient for basic use cases, the Better Excel Exporter integration is more powerful in, at least, these:

If any of these are important for you, give it a try.

Tutorial video

The Better Excel Exporter app enables exporting the portfolio items (which are issues themselves) to customizable Excel spreadsheets for reporting purposes:

Export samples

Portfolio plan scope

This sample is the export of a plan built with Portfolio, including Initiative, Story and Task type work items (issues). It is exported from Issue Navigator using a custom column configuration, which includes all Portfolio-managed custom fields plus Epic Link.


Portfolio plan report

Create custom reports from Portfolio for Jira data. This example compares the logged hours and estimated hours to calculate a progress rate by Initiative (the highest issue level in our example).


Portfolio resource cost report

Similarly to the previous example, you can build a Project or Resource Cost Report. In this example we exported a the dollar value of the work performed on each Epic by Teams and used the Excel pivot chart feature to automatically calculate Resource Cost Report.



Exporting Portfolio custom fields

There is nothing to do. Better Excel Exporter will automatically recognize the Portfolio-managed fields and export them accordingly.

Exporting issues in a Portfolio program

Portfolio for Jira offers several JQL functions to find issues in a program, in a plan, by parent, by child, etc. Use these JQL functions in the Issue Navigator to search for the issues to export, apply your preferred sorting, then export the result using Better Excel Exporter.

To search for the issues in a Portfolio program, use this JQL:

issuekey in issuesInProgram(12)

where "12" is the program's ID. To learn its ID, open the program, and you will see the ID in the page URL (in the browser's address bar).

Exporting issues in a Portfolio plan

To search for the issues in a Portfolio plan, use this JQL:

issuekey in issuesInPlan(34)

where "34" is the plan's ID. To learn its ID, open the plan, and you will see the ID in the page URL (in the browser's address bar).

Exporting issues within the hierarchy, by team and by target dates

Similarly to the use cases discussed in the previous sections, you can use JQL to search for:

  • the issues linked via the Parent Link custom field
  • the parents of issues
  • the children of issues
  • the issues assigned to a team
  • the issues that have target start- and target end dates

See the Portfolio for Jira documentation for examples.

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