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This gallery displays sample exports created using the "factory-default" templates shipped with the Better Excel Exporter for Jira. Our aim is to give you a quick understanding of what is possible out of the box. This is, obviously, just the beginning of the story, because the possibilities of report creation and customization are unlimited.

You can use the "factory-default" Excel templates in many ways:

  1. As they are! (We polished them further and further over the years so that they give a ready-made solution for most situations.)
  2. Configure their look and behavior by updating their configuration variables (see next section).
  3. Customize their look and behavior by editing the templates and the Groovy scripts.
  4. Make a copy of them for the starting point of a new template.
  5. Use their implementation as "cheatsheet" when developing custom templates.

Updating Excel template configuration variables

Many of the templates shipped with the Better Excel Exporter for Jira offer configurability via variables. These variables appear in the top part of the Groovy scripts, and are documented right in the code.

Some variables are required to work correctly (like setting up the Tempo authentication for Tempo Timesheets exports), while others affect the export's look or behavior. For instance, the Groovy script that connects to Tempo Timesheets (tempo-tool.groovy) offers the following configuration variables:

tempoApiToken = 'e4f41d78-f8e1-407a-9fba-ccafd2c83d86'
tempoDateFrom = '2000-01-01'
tempoDateTo = '2099-12-31'

You can edit the configuration variables intuitively:

  1. Login to Jira as administrator.
  2. Go to AdministrationAdd-onsExcel Templates.
  3. Click the template file you wanted to edit, for example tempo-tool.groovy. It opens in the built-in template editor.
  4. Edit the variables.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Make a new export. It will reflect the changes in the configuration variables immediately.

Creating new Excel templates

You can easily create custom templates by reading the template development documentation and by using the recipes that we collected for frequent use cases.

For those who'd rather focus on their core business and use Midori's expertise to create custom Excel templates for them, Midori offers template development services.

Issue exports sharing customer-facing document archiving

The issue-navigator.xlsx template exports Jira issues to Excel spreadsheets from the Issue Navigator using the currently configured columns and ordering. It allows you to create custom Excel exports from ad-hoc JQL searches and saved filters with a single click.

Note that each cell is intelligently exported with the correct data type (text, number, date, link) and data format (number formats, date formats), there is no need for further "manual post-processing".

As for visuals, this one and all our Excel templates apply the "invisible design" paradigm, allowing readers to focus on the data. Nevertheless, you are welcome to customize its look to your own branding and needs.

Comments, worklogs, history sharing customer-facing document archiving

The default template set includes specialized versions of the issue-navigator.xlsx template to export the comments, worklogs, Tempo Timesheets worklogs, change history and issue links (commonly known as issue metadata) along with the field values. These specialized templates support both the selected fields and all fields scenarios, and append the metadata in the right.

For a well-structured spreadsheet, the metadata values are exported to separate columns (comment author, date and text to separate columns, or issue links grouped by link type and direction to separate columns) and to multiple rows (when an issue has multiple comments e.g.).

Calculated fields scripted fields calculated fields

In addition to field values, you can easily export calculated values that are not present as issue fields, but are calculated dynamically during at the time the Excel export is being created. Better Excel Exporter ships with several built-in calculated fields that you can use without customizing any template or writing any script. Or, you can dive in and define your custom calculated fields with low efforts.

Learn more about the Calculated fields

See the Calculated fields page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Created vs. Resolved reports reporting business intelligence

The created-vs-resolved-report.xlsx template exports the creation date and the resolution date (both transformed to year, month and day components using Excel functions) plus several issue fields to its last worksheet. Then it displays multiple pivot tables and pivot charts using various combinations of the Jira project key, issue type, status, assignee, etc. fields in the other worksheets.

You can easily clone and customize the Excel template to your needs, by adding, modifying, deleting field values or by adding, modifying, deleting pivot worksheets. The resulted reports are delivered ready-made (no need for further clicks), also working perfectly in automation for periodically updated reporting.

Worklog reports time tracking reporting business intelligence

The worklog-report.xlsx Excel template effectively aggregates the worklogs of the issues resulted from any arbitrary JQL search. It helps to understand the total time spent on the issues, projects, issue types, versions, components, etc. grouped and filtered by date ranges, users, etc.

Pro tip: making a copy of the original template and customizing that, you can create your ideal Jira worklog report and other time-based Excel report much easier.

Time in status reports SLA reporting business intelligence

The workflow-report.xlsx template calculates various time metrics from Jira data: Time in Status X (for each status), Time to First Response, Time to Resolution, etc. It also offers average and totals in the form of pivot tables and pivot charts. It enables you understand the lifecycle of your issues and the performance of your team/service.

In addition to customizing the pivot tables and charts, there are many ways to customize the underlying data itself. For instance, you can add your own time metrics by modifying the workflow-report.groovy script. Or, you can add your own SLA formulas like "if priority is Critical and Time to Resolution is less than 4 hours, then the SLA is met, otherwise breached". It's all up to you!

Jira Software reports scrum reporting kanban agile

Better Excel Exporter fully integrates with Jira Software, the Jira edition custom-tailored for software engineering teams. First, Jira Software specific custom fields (Sprint, Epic, Story Points and Development) are exported to Excel. Second, the Excel Export menus are seamlessly integrated to the Jira Software screens: to the Backlog view (to export one specific sprint or the backlog) and to the Scrum and Kanban boards (to export the issues in one column).

All in all, this allows you easily extending the built-in Jira Software reports with custom ones, even across projects, across sprints or calculated from arbitrary JQL queries.

Learn more about the Jira Software integration

See the Jira Software integration page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Jira Service Mgmt. reports ticketing sla reporting business intelligence

Jira Service Management is Atlassian's fast-growing IT service management offering for IT operations, customer service and business teams. Better Excel Exporter integrates with Jira Service Management and exports tickets, queues and other service related information like comments, SLA status, CSAT ratings, etc. to Excel reports.

Not only the Jira Service Management custom field types (like SLA or Request Type) are supported, our app also integrates its Export drop-down menu to the Queue view, the most important screen in Jira Service Management. That allows exporting the tickets from a queue to a custom Excel report with one click.

Learn more about the Jira Service Management integration

See the Jira Service Management integration page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Advanced Roadmaps reports project management program management portfolio management roadmap

Advanced Roadmaps for Jira is Atlassian's Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, an agile roadmapping and project planning app for Jira Software. It helps project managers see the big picture by combining multiple projects and resources on a single timeline.

Better Excel Exporter exports the Advanced Roadmaps custom field values, including Target Start Date, Target End Date, Team, Parent Link and Original Story Points, to Excel. Using the power of JQL, you can create custom Excel reports from the complete portfolio, from multiple programs, from multiple plans, from multiple plan levels, or all these combined!

Learn more about the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira integration

See the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira integration page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Zephyr Squad test reports test management testing reporting

Better Excel Exporter is tightly integrated with Zephyr Squad, the most popular test management app for Jira. Zephyr Squad tests are "first-class citizens" in the Excel exports, meaning that similarly to Jira issues, you can export all test-related information to Excel. It includes test case details (fields, attachments, comments, etc.), test steps, test executions and detailed step results during an execution.

Of course, you can use all the Excel features, from functions and formulas to pivot tables and pivot charts, on Zephyr Squad data. With those, you can implement literally any type of Zephyr Squad test report.

Learn more about the Zephyr Squad integration

See the Zephyr Squad integration page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Tempo Timesheets reports time tracking reporting business intelligence

Tempo Timesheets is the most widely used time tracking app for Jira. Better Excel Exporter can export all the Tempo Timesheets-managed custom fields (e.g. Account and Team), the Tempo Timesheets worklogs and the custom work attributes (e.g. Billable) to Excel.

Overall, it is possible to build Tempo Timesheets reports of any complexity with the help of Excel functions, formulas, pivot tables and pivot charts.

Learn more about the Tempo Timesheets integration

See the Tempo Timesheets integration page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

ScriptRunner reports scripted fields reporting calculated fields

ScriptRunner is the most powerful app to extend and customize Jira with every kind of custom logic, programmed in Groovy scripts. Among other extension points, you can implement custom fields with it, whose values are programmatically calculated or automatically loaded from external databases, APIs or other sources.

Better Excel Exporter allows exporting all those script fields to Excel spreadsheets, including both the ones powered by built-in and by custom Groovy scripts.

Learn more about the ScriptRunner integration

See the ScriptRunner integration page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Insight reports reporting business intelligence asset management

Insight is the leading asset management app for Jira. It allows implementing CMDB, EAM, ITAM, SAM and HAM functionality on the Jira platform.

Better Excel Exporter exports all Insight custom fields with the desired granularity (object keys, names and attributes) to Excel. Having full access to Insight objects and their attributes in Jira, you can easily implement custom reporting and Business Intelligence on Insight data.

Learn more about the Insight integration

See the Insight integration page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Visual Basic powered reports reporting

The Excel files exported from Jira do not need to be fully static. Certain use cases may require adding extra logic for dynamic post-processing, for interactions and for other purposes.

Better Excel Exporter for Jira fully supports Visual Basic (VBA), the native scripting language of Microsoft Excel, to meet those requirements. You can add the Visual Basic code to the Excel template, then all reports generated from that template will be able to execute it.

Learn more about the Visual Basic macros

See the Visual Basic macros page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.

Other reports data integration data analysis archiving

Better Excel Exporter enables working not only with Jira issues but with any kind of data. Our motto: if the data is available from Jira core, from apps or from external data sources, then template customization, Excel features, Groovy scripts, Visual Basic macros can extract insights from those in any possible use case.

This section shows examples of exporting information which is not strictly related to Jira issues.

Learn more about the Custom Excel reports

See the Custom Excel reports page for the tutorial video and the configuration guide.