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This page collects various articles that demonstrate how to use Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud for the best results. Most reads are about 5 minutes.

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The articles in this section include useful guides for frequent use cases, case studies contributed by power-users, integration how-to's, and practical tips to solve concrete business problems.

3 best CSV and Excel alternatives for Jira issue export

The built-in (fake) Excel export feature was removed from Jira 6.2, but since it has made a comeback with a twist. How does it work now? This blog is for the non-technical user to explore the best Excel exporting and reporting options for Jira and use what's best for you!

6 features Better Excel Exporter Cloud has that Jira Cloud for Excel lacks

We are happy to announce that Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud is now complete! Read how it compares to the Jira Cloud for Excel add-in and reach out for installation instructions today!

Export the Jira Cloud backlog to Excel

Issues on the Jira backlog and active sprint board are often raw data for the best Jira Software reports. Discover how Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud can help you export from the Jira backlog and board views and create your custom Excel reports with a few clicks.

Exporting from Jira to Excel

Microsoft Excel is the de-facto reporting tool for many businesses, including the largest enterprises, and for a good reason. Also, as Jira gains more and more popularity among organisations of all sizes, so grows the group of professionals who need to export data from Jira to Excel. If you consider yourself one of these professionals, you are at the right place. In this post you will learn why Better Excel Exporter is everything you need to effectively use Jira and Excel for business reporting.

How to export Jira boards to Excel

Sharing the Jira Cloud active sprint board in an Excel export is a one-stop solution for communicating sprint status to managers or partners. Learn how Better Excel Exporter for Jira Cloud can create data-rich reports right from the Jira board view!

How to export Jira comments to Excel

Jira issue comments are not like regular fields that you can query with JQL and display as a column in Issue Navigator. If you want to export Jira issue comments to Excel, you need a tool that works with issue metadata like comments (and change history, worklogs, etc.). Read on and watch a quick tutorial of how Better Excel Exporter can export your issue comments in seconds.

How to export Jira projects to Excel

This tutorial explains how to create Jira project exports using the Better Excel Exporter app. We will use a customizable template to bring Jira projects to Excel for data migration, searching, filtering and reporting purposes. Let's dive in and export Jira projects to Excel!

Jira Cloud project statistics report in Excel

Jira Cloud project statistics are essential for admins who are looking to report on different aspects of their Jira Cloud projects. Better Excel Exporter Cloud brings a powerful project report in Excel format, uncovering and organizing hidden insights of Jira Cloud projects.

Make Jira populate fields from external source without coding

Connect Jira to external databases and avoid using dirty data in business operations and in Jira reports. Read on to learn how Elements Connect can pull data from an outside system to Jira and how to use those to create Excel reports.

Track time in Tempo Timesheets and create custom Excel reports

In the second part of our mutual blog series with Tempo, we look into the use case of reporting and analyzing Tempo Timesheets worklog data in Microsoft Excel. As we learned in the first part, time magically expands once you start measuring it, improving productivity. In this part, you will learn how to further improve your usage of resources by slicing and dicing the Tempo Timesheets managed data with the professional analytics tools of Excel.

Tracking time with Tempo Timesheets in Jira means getting things done

It may not sound intuitive, but time tracking is one of the most fundamental and sought after features in Jira. While there is a built-in simple time tracking feature to add worklogs, the most popular and feature-rich solution is coming from Tempo. In her guest post for the Midori Blog, Sarah Fletcher from Tempo explains why do you need to start tracking your time at work and how you can also fulfill your reporting duties to your bosses. In the upcoming second and third part of this blog we will get the details on how you can turn your Tempo Timesheets worklogs into Excel reports or custom PDF documents. Read on and share this blog with team members who would also be interested.

2 simple steps to improve your asset management game with Jira and Insight

Jira is gaining more and more popularity also as an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. To realize this, a few powerful apps need to be set up and be connected to Jira, so it really has a chance on the field of Asset Management systems. We are now sharing what you need to have a top-performing Asset Management and reporting system built on Jira.

Easy Jira Cloud migration of Midori apps

Not all apps are created equal when it comes to migration to Atlassian Cloud, and it all has to do with complexity. Learn about the simple, secure and lightweight methods of migrating the Better PDF Exporter and Better Excel Exporter apps to Jira Cloud!

What to do if Jira Cloud for Excel is not working

Jira Cloud for Excel is Atlassian's Excel import add-in for simple Jira Excel reporting needs. It partly relies on Microsoft's infrastructure, which grants connection and compatibility issues for many customers. Here are the most frequently reported issues in 4 categories and how you can try to address those.

External articles

In this section you can find articles written by Atlassian Solution Partner teams, using their unique knowledge, eventually in their native language. These are hosted at the partner's own website.

How to make Jira the single source for business reports

(by Valiantys)

Incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate data (a.k.a "dirty data") can ruin a well-oiled, centralized business operation. Introducing the right apps to Jira speeds up transactions between systems and saves your organization the financial cost and added risk of "dirty data" while making Jira the single source of truth for business reports.

Three useful tips to boost your team’s productivity

(by Go2Group)

Delivering improved productivity is a key priority for every agile development team. Productivity is essentially about achieving the outcomes you want with less time and effort. Here are some tricks and tips that can help your teams become more productive and efficient (by using the Better Excel Exporter app).

Jira をビジネス レポートのシングル ソースにする方法

(by Go2Group)

エンタープライズ ビジネス オペレーションンの “内部” を覗くと、莫大な数の情報システムがあり、かつ、ときにはそれらが大変複雑に関連し合っていることが分かります。多くの場合、Jira はこの環境の中心的存在として複数のシステムに分散されたビジネス ワークフローの管理や異なるデータ ソースの統合を行っています。しかし、この統合がシームレスでない限り、不完全なデータ、矛盾したデータ、または不正確なデータ (これらは別名 “ダーティ データ ” と呼ばれます) がこの理論上は理想的な一元操作を損なう可能性があります。しかし、適切なアドオンを Jira に導入することでシステム間のトランザクションを高速化できます。また、あなたの組織の財務費用を削減したり、追加された “ダーティ データ” のリスクを削減したりできます。その一方で Jira をビジネス レポートに関する真のシングル ソースとすることができるのです。

Atlassian Jira Plugins - Better PDF Exporter for Jira & Better Excel Exporter for Jira

(by it-economics)

Meiner Meinung nach beruht die Macht und vielseitige Einsetzbarkeit auf der flexiblen Erweiterbarkeit und Konfigurierbarkeit von Jira. Um unsere beliebtesten Erweiterungen und Konfigurationen nicht nur in unserer internen Schatzkammer zu horten möchten wir mit diesem und den folgenden Artikeln unsere Geheimnisse mit den Lesern teilen.

Porta gli export e i report di Excel su Jira al livello successivo!

(by GetConnected)

È probabile che se sei un utente o amministratore in Jira, avrai sentito l’esigenza di un rapido export Excel dai tuoi dati su Jira. A volte può trattarsi di più di un semplice export: immagina di aver necessità di un report sofisticato e customizzato, magari comprensivo di report e analisi custom. In questo momento ciò può rivelarsi ostico sfruttando le opzioni export di base presenti out-of-the-box in Jira. Per rendere il lavoro più semplice e rendere possibile la funzione di esportazioni professionali di file Excel, Midori ha sviluppato il plugin Better Excel Exporter for Jira.

"Better Excel Exporter" a "Automation for Jira" aneb jak na automatizované exporty a reporty v Jira – I. část

(by Servodata)

Asi každý Jira Admin se setkal s požadavkem (a ne jedním) na propracovanější a hlavně customizované reporty „na jedno kliknutí“, což není úplně jednoduché, protože v základu Jira jsou k dispozici pouze XLSX/CSV exporty určitých sestav polí a hodnot. Pro usnadnění práce a možnosti splnění tohoto požadavku společnost Midori vyvinula Better Excel Exporter for Jira.

ちょっと気になるアドオンシリーズ:Better Excel Exporter for Jira (XLSX/XLS)

(by Ricksoft)

Jiraシリーズの最新バージョンからExcelへのエキスポート機能がなくなりました。CSV、XML、JSONなどへのエキスポートは可能です。 でも、Excelへのエキスポートは、どうしてもやりたーいと思っているユーザー様に知ってほしいアドオンです。


You can find recaps of past webinars in this section. Each recap comes with the webinar's video recording, the slides, the questions and the answers.

Webinar recap and Q&A: Create custom Excel reports from Jira issues

Thank you all who joined us live in our "How to create custom Excel reports from Jira issues in no time" webinar on September 12. If you couldn't make it, no worries! You can find here a quick recap and the video recording of presentation, plus the questions that were answered in the Q&A section.