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Frequent problems and solutions

Instead of the content status, I see "Status not available!" error message.

When viewing a page or a blog post, the message "Status not available!" is shown instead of the actual content status.

This occurs when the app cannot access the given page or blog post.

Why? The app is represented by an artificial user called "Better Content Archiving" on your Confluence site. To the app user the same permissions are applied as to any human user. Therefore, the app will not be able to access a content:

  1. If the app user doesn't have the required space permissions on the space that contains the content.
  2. If the content restrictions applied to the content disallow the app user access the that.

To fix both cases, just open the content status indicator and follow the instructions.

Some pages are ignored by archiving and silently kept in place.

As a symptom, you also see less contents in the Audit Log metrics (i.e. "Contents archived") than expected.

There may be multiple reasons behind this:

  • The Better Content Archiving app has a dedicated user account to access Confluence data. If this app user has no "archive" permission on a space, archiving actions will be skipped.
  • If your Confluence is on a Free license plan, archiving is not supported at all. You need a Standard or Premium plan which supports the archiving feature. (This is a limitation imposed by Confluence, not a limitation of the Better Content Archiving app.)
  • If your content (or one of its parent contents) is view restricted and you forget to add access for the Better Content Archiving app user, then the app simply won't see the content to be archived, therefore it will skip pages like that.
  • You are trying to archive a blog post. Archiving blog posts is not supported by Confluence, but you can still use the "delete" automation action in this case.


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