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What is the Better Content Archiving app?

The Better Content Archiving for Confluence app is the #1 Content Lifecycle Management solution for Confluence.

The app supports flexible content workflows, lifecycle and retention strategies for Confluence pages, blog posts, attachments, comments and other types of content. It drastically enhances your content management processes through consistent workflows and automation.

What is Content Lifecycle Management?

Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the process of collaboratively creating, publishing, maintaining and archiving content during its full lifetime in Confluence. Content, in this context, includes every type and every format: Confluence pages, blog posts, attachments and comments.

Why should I use Content Lifecycle Management?

For smaller teams with minimal content creation, CLM might not be that important. However, evolving teams with a growing number of contributors find keeping control over their content an impossible task: the need for CLM grows exponentially.

When content managers can no longer keep track of the content lifecycle of a company, it is high time to introduce the Better Content Archiving app to the Confluence site.

How does it work?

Better Content Archiving is a standard Confluence Cloud app that seamlessly integrates with the Confluence user interface and user experience, enhancing that with Content Lifecycle Management features.

What content workflows are supported?

Content lifecycle can be vastly different from one piece of content to the next.

Here is a couple of frequently used, simple content workflow examples implemented with the app:

  • Expiration on a specific date. A tree of pages expires on a specific date, like the end date of the fiscal year, for instance. The pages should not be archived automatically, but a designated supervisor of the content will decide whether to archive them. If he decides so, he can mark them for archival. The background job executed during the night will take care of it.
  • Periodic content reviews. A monthly report page needs reviews in every 30 days. Its maintainers should be repeatedly notified about the expiration until the page gets an update. When the page is updated, members of the management (who watch the page) get a notification email.
  • Automatic archiving of unused content. When pages in a space don't have updates for a longer period (100 days), they are automatically transitioned to the "expired" status. It indicates for the visitor that the content may or may not be accurate. The visitor can confirm it (meaning that it is still accurate without any update), edit it to make it up-to-date again, or just leave it as is. If not updated for 150 days, it will be automatically archived.
  • Automatic clean-up for not-viewed pages. In some fast-growing space, no-one knows if certain pages are actually in use or not. You configure the rule: if a page is not viewed by anyone for 50 days, it can be archived automatically to reduce the clutter. If you find out later, that someone still needs the page, no problem: it can be restored from the archive space. (It is preserved with its full history, attachments, comments and other metadata.)
  • "Live forever" pages. Mixed with other pages, there may be meeting memos or contracts or other types of "fixed content" that should never be checked for updates or views. They can be simply excluded from content lifecycle management.
  • ... or your own strategy by configuring lifecycle rules!

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